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Hello Amazing Community Members, 


With the holiday season rapidly approaching, we would like to provide you with some updates and some very useful information to help you get ship done! 


If you are looking for a complete catalog of all our holiday related content, our blog has you covered. You can check that out here: 


ShipStation Blog: Holiday Content 

If you are looking just to browse some of our latest blog content that has been published in the last few months you can check out our roundup of content below. 


ShipStation Users Can Now Save up to 77% on UPS® Ground Shipping

2022 USPS Holiday Shipping Deadlines

5 Ways to Prepare for the Holiday Rush

Get Ship Done Podcast Episode 6: Tower Paddle Boards: Standing Up to the Big Guys

How to Automate Shipping Processes for the Holidays

FedEx Peak Season Surcharges: What to Expect?

In addition to this information, we are excited to announce that all of our ideas in the New Layout Feedback, with the minor exception of new incoming posts, have been all reviewed by our team. We know that there have been some status updates without much information provided, as we move forward we plan to continue expanding upon the transparency we are striving to provide. Just as a small recap, I wanted to provide a detailed breakdown of our statuses, and what to expect in each status. 


New (2 ideas): This is a brand new Idea that has been submitted but not yet reviewed by our teams 2

Investigating (29 Ideas): This is an idea that we are currently discussing and researching internally but work has not yet been started or committed to.

In Progress (12 Ideas) : This idea is currently actively being worked on by our development teams. This is something that we have committed to and started.   

Review (0 Ideas): The work related to this idea has been completed and is currently in testing and review before it is deployed.  

Resolved (11 Ideas): The solution to the idea has been implemented or provided. 

Backlog (6 Ideas): The Idea has not been prioritized at this time but it is still something that might be in consideration for the future. 

General Feedback (Non-Actionable) (23 ideas): The feedback provided in this Idea has been noted and presented internally but it is not currently actionable. 

We will continue to provide you detailed information about ideas being implemented from this section. We are also working towards providing you with more roadmap based content in 2023. 


Thank you for your continued patience as we work towards making this space a better space for all of our users.