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Hi amazing community members, 

Now that the holiday season has come and gone and things are hopefully starting to calm down for everyone, it is time for the first Community Catchup of 2023. 

As we enter February, we want to congratulate everyone for making it through peak season. As things start to calm down with post-season returns, now is the time to reflect on this year's performance and efforts so you can start getting ready for next year’s peak season. 

It is never too early to start planning your efforts for the next holiday season. Take some time to sit down with your teams and open up dialogues with them about what worked and what did not work, while it is all fresh in everyone’s minds. In addition to our round up of all the content from January, we have compiled resources that will be helpful for your post peak season work.  


Returns and Reporting Resources


Return Labels

Reports and Insights Overview 

Insights and Reports: Raw Data Export

How to Create a Returns Policy That Works

Ecommerce Shipping Blog Shipping Basics Returns Management Solution For Ecommerce


Community Blogs 

ShipStation Release Notes, December 26 - January 6

ShipStation Release Notes January 13 - 20

Articles & Resources  

2023 USPS Rate Changes and Service Updates

ShipStation Now Supports Dimensioners

How May Lindstrom Skin Increased Order Capacity and Simplified International Shipping with ShipStati...

How to Print Return Labels 


We hope all of these resources will help you to have a successful February. Feel free to share any resources you think that might be helpful to your fellow community members. 

-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager