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Are you an enterprise-level business that ships over 7,500 packages a month? If you said yes, you should know that ShipStation offers a High-Volume plan catered specifically to larger businesses. It's a way to streamline your productivity and reduce the hours spent on manual work by providing more opportunities for automation. 

The newest additions to this plan, Auto-Split and Shipping Strategies, are great examples of features that will assist your efficiency via automation.

Auto-Split, allows you to automatically split orders into multiple shipments based upon predefined criteria set by you. This is beneficial for orders where you will need to partially fulfill shipments, items that are so heavy that they need to be shipped separately, or cases where items need to be shipped from multiple locations. You can learn more and see this feature in action in this video.

Shipping Strategies, which is currently in beta for our North American users, allows you to create custom rules to automatically select the lowest-cost carrier and service based on your criteria. This will be useful for all shippers but is perfect for those that have a wide range of products, product destinations, and products that are fulfilled out of different locations. 

Additional High-Volume Plan features available include Cubiscan, ODBC, and Product Bundles. You can learn more about our High-Volume plan and schedule a demo with our team here

Please note, Auto-Split and Shipping Strategies is only available to merchants on the High-Volume plan that was released May 17, 2023, plan code highvolume_2023q2 ; merchants on prior High-Volume plans must upgrade to gain access to this new feature.