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This brief round of Release Notes wraps up the year with a handful of bug fixes for some of our integrations. Thanks for following along with our updates, and we’ll see you next year!



  • Commercial Invoices -Customs Description Field: We have increased the character limit to 100 characters for the customs description field for each item in the declarations section. Previously, it was limited to 35 characters and descriptions on shipments were getting cut off for some line items, despite the carrier having no limitations to descriptions.



  • Canada Post from ShipStation - Post-shipment Adjustments now billed to account: When shipping with Canada Post from ShipStation, any post-shipment adjustments billed by Canada Post will now be billed to your ShipStation Balance. Adjustments will appear in ShipStation on your Transaction History page (Go to Settings > Carriers > Transactions > Balance) with the full adjustment cost and reason. To help avoid post-shipment adjustments, be sure to always input accurate weight and dimensions for your shipments.
  • -  Pickups for USPS Parcel Select Ground service: We have updated the integration to allow you to schedule USPS pickups when creating shipments with the USPS Parcel Select Ground service. Previously, you had to book these externally.

Bug Fixes



  • Australia Post - PTI-8 - International Standard Service - Bulk: We corrected a problem so you can now consistently process international Australia Post orders in bulk using the PTI-8 - International Standard service option. Previously, to ship groups of orders with this service, you had to process these orders one by one after refreshing the rate as a workaround. 
  • EVRi - Tracking and Branded Tracking: The branded tracking page will now update the status of shipments for EVRi, as expected. Previously, the branded tracking page did not update tracking for EVRi shipments, and the tracking page did not update the tracking for delivered shipments.
  • Global-e - Batch Labels: We fixed a bug so you can once again generate Global-e labels in a batch, as expected. When generating Global-e labels in a batch previously, some merchants saw this error display: Error: Order _ could not be found (Bad Request). (520)
  • LaserShip - Tracking: We have corrected an issue so that the tracking number is now sent in the webhook updates, as expected. Previously it appeared as blank.
  • Sendle - Label Message 2 Mapping (AU): For our Australian merchants who ship with their own Sendle account: When you create a Sendle label that uses all three references or label messages, Label Message 1 & 2 appear on the label as expected. Previously, when using Label Message 2 it mapped the ShipStation Confirmation Type instead of the actual label message.

Selling Channels

  • Amazon Marketplace - Shipment Notifications: We have fixed a problem so that now Amazon Marketplace notifications will update as expected. Also, should they fail to send, we updated our error messaging to explain the issue and how to resolve it. Previously, some merchants on High Volume or Enterprise plans found notifications intermittently failed to send and appeared with the vague error message: 429 : {"message":"unrecognized status code”}
  • Etsy - Amazon Shipping tracking updates: We updated the carrier code we send to Etsy so that now tracking status and all shipment details appear and are in the correct format. Previously, no tracking status appeared in Etsy due to incorrect carrier code in marketplace notifications. 
  • Linnworks - Ship by Date: We fixed a bug so you are now able to import the Ship By Date from Linnworks. Previously, some merchants were unable to import Ship by Date for Linnworks orders and saw the error, 'Error in XML. Reason: The element 'Order' has invalid child element 'ShipByDate'.'
  • Visualsoft - Tracking for Orders shipped via DHL Parcel: We fixed an issue so tracking will now work as expected when you ship Visualsoft orders using DHL Parcel. Previously, for some merchants, a tracking status in emails from Visualsoft orders did not load with this carrier.