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This brief round of release notes focuses on bug fixes for some of our carrier and selling channel integrations.

Bug Fixes



  • FedEx UK - International Connect Plus service & multi-package shipments: UK merchants can now use multi-package shipping options with Fedex’s International Connect Plus service, including FedEx Envelope, 10kg and 25kg boxes, and/or FedEx UK Paks in the shipment. Previously, you would have seen this error when sending a multi-piece FICP shipment with FedEx Envelope or 10kg and 25 kg boxes: Package Count exceeds the limit of 1.
  • Lettre Suivie - Accent marks in the Ship To address (FR): Our integration with Lettre Suivie now supports accent marks grave ( ` ) and aigu ( ´ ) in the Ship To address on labels. Previously, accent marks on French addresses had to be removed or the following error occurred: Invalid input to 'address_line 1' in 'Ship To Address', Allowed special characters are -, ., _ and ' only.
  • Poste Italiane - Tracking Links: Poste Italiane tracking links in the ShipStation Shipments grid now direct to the carrier’s tracking page as expected.
  • NZ Post Domestic (formerly NZ Courier Post) - Courier Perishable Parcel: NZ Post Domestic orders can now retrieve rates and generate labels in ShipStation for the Courier Perishable Parcel service. Previously, merchants who tried to send any cold goods via service code CPOLPPS - Courier Perishable Parcel for NZ Post did not see rates returned in ShipStation and received this error: Invalid input to the rate Shipment method. Unable to find delivery service: CPOLPPS (Validation).
  • Packfleet - Scheduled Pickups: A timezone issue that prevented some merchants from scheduling pickups has been corrected.
  • Passport Shipping - Confirmation Types: We have updated the available confirmation types for international shipments with Passport Shipping to include Delivery. Previously, the only available confirmation option was None.
  • StarTrack - Get Rates: We resolved an issue that caused some merchants to see rate discrepancies in ShipStation. Now, the StarTrack rates you see in ShipStation will match those seen in StarTrack’s portal.

Selling Channels

  • Amazon - Order Weights: Item weights now import properly for Amazon orders. Previously, some merchants saw Amazon orders importing without item weights.
  • Amazon CA - Shipping Amazon Prime Orders: Merchants in Canada can now ship Amazon Prime orders in ShipStation, but the Amazon Buy Shipping API is not currently available in Canada. Amazon CA Prime orders must be shipped with another carrier option. Merchants will see the following warning message if they attempt to ship through Amazon Buy Shipping: Warning - Shipping Amazon Prime orders with a provider besides Amazon Buy Shipping will result in a penalty on your Amazon Seller account. Please select a different service from the Amazon Buy Shipping provider.
  • eBay - Orders Import into Awaiting Shipment status: All eBay orders awaiting shipment now import from eBay into ShipStation’s Awaiting Shipment status as expected. Previously, some merchants on Gold and Enterprise plans saw such orders were missing or only imported into ShipStation once the orders were fulfilled manually in eBay.
  • Etsy - Connect New and Reconfigure Existing Stores: The pop-up window to connect new and reconfigure existing Etsy stores now functions as expected. Previously, the connection window prevented some merchants from connecting and reconfiguring with the following error message: An unhandled exception occurred: Sequence contains no elements.
  • Shopify - Email notifications and Order Activity: When ShipStation store settings for Shopify orders are set to not send confirmation emails, Shopify will now be notified to send these emails instead and record the order activity in Shopify. Previously, when the Shopify shipment notification was turned off in ShipStation, we did not trigger Shopify to send a notification.
  • WooCommerce - Carrier Codes for Shipment Notifications: The following carriers will now appear correctly in WooCommerce marketplace notifications: GlobalPost, Aramex, Australia Post, Lasership, and Evri. Previously they appeared as 'Other'.