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This round of releases focuses primarily on bug fixes for ShipStation features and several carrier integrations.



  • Store Errors: If you receive an error when trying to import orders from your store, you can now click a link to view our Common Store Errors help guide. This guide will help you troubleshoot why you may be unable to refresh your store.



  • Help Menu: We updated the Get Help link so it will open the Help Center in a new tab, so you do not lose your place in the app.




  • New carrier integrations available for the UK: ShipStation now offers integrations with B2C Europe and The Delivery Group UK
  • Aramex AU: Both the stand-alone and One Balance version of Aramex AU now support the service: Signature Required

Bug Fixes



  • Advanced Search: We corrected an issue that caused incorrect search results to display when searching for shipments in the “Unknown” delivery status.

  • Split Shipments
  • Our updated Split Ship feature has fixed an issue that prevented some merchants from splitting one of two shipments to create a third shipment for an order.
  • The Split Ship button in the Order Details view will now be disabled for shipments that cannot be split, including shipments that have 0 line items.



  • Delivery Confirmation: When you configure a shipment for a carrier with only one available confirmation type (e.g., “Signature”), the confirmation type will now save as expected.
  • Account Subscription: We fixed an issue that prevented some merchants from updating their payment method for their ShipStation subscription if their account language is set to French, German, or Spanish.

    • Error Messages: The Scan to Print and Scan to Verify screens have been updated to display error messages if there is a problem with creating a label.
    • Re-Verifying Products: We corrected an issue where products could not be verified again if you cleared the previous verification.
    • Hotkeys: We fixed an issue that prevented the use of hotkeys when trying to Scan to Print using Mozilla Firefox.
  • Email Templates: We updated the email template editor so the Field Replacements drop-down menu displays every time you open the editor.
  • Bill to Recipient: We fixed an issue where sometimes selecting Bill to Recipient in Other Shipping Options was not properly applying to the order. We recommend clearing your browser cache to apply the fix. 
  • Updating Plans (UK and EU): We addressed an issue that prevented UK- and EU-based ShipStation accounts from upgrading to an Enterprise plan through the Subscriptions settings. Now you can upgrade your subscription plan without having to contact the Sales department.
  • Combine Orders: We fixed an issue that caused the order weight to not update immediately after combining orders. You no longer need to close and reopen Order Details to have the weight update.
  • Batch Processing: We clarified what is an error and what is a warning in the Label Batch Status window. "Active Label" warnings are now categorized as errors, thus disabling the "Continue" button as reflected by any other error.
  • Creating a Manual Order: When selecting a country for the recipient’s address in the New Order window, the country drop-down menu will now be alphabetically sorted in your account language. Previously, the menu was sorted in English by default.
  • Inventory: We fixed the insufficient inventory warning so it will now display a list of products with insufficient inventory. 
  • ShipStation Balance (AU): We corrected the issue with the Balance Card not showing the most up to date balance in the Subscription and Payments page in Settings. You can now view the balance card without needing to refresh your browser to update it.





  • UPS from ShipStation (US): We resolved the following error that prevented some merchants from creating return labels after 7pm CST: “The ShipDate specified must be today or in the future.”
  • UPS from ShipStation (UK): We resolved the following error that appeared incorrectly and prevented some merchants from scheduling a pickup with UPS from ShipStation: “The UPS account number provided as the payment method cannot be billed, please try another account.”
  • UPS and FedEx: We addressed an issue where UPS and FedEx shipments were automatically being pushed forward one day due to Veterans Day when those services were running a standard operation. Now you can ship with UPS and FedEx on Veterans Day.

  • UPS (UK): We resolved the following error that prevented some merchants from creating labels from Great Britain to Northern Ireland: "Attempted to divide by zero."
  • DHL Express (UK): We updated our DHL Express integration so it no longer requires custom forms when shipping between Northern Ireland and the UK. These shipments are treated as domestic shipments.
  • DPD Ireland: Links to DPD Ireland’s tracking page are now working as expected in the Tracking column of the ShipStation Shipments grid. Tracking numbers will also now display in full.



  • TNT Australia: Links to TNT’s tracking page are now available in the Tracking column of the ShipStation Shipments grid for TNT shipments.

    • We corrected an issue that caused the total order weight for shipments sent via Delivengo to double on CN22 customs forms.
    • We resolved the following error that caused some merchants to have to reselect a confirmation type before creating a Delivengo label: “Invalid input to the createShipment method. Unable to find delivery confirmation: none.”
  • Canada Post: We fixed an issue that would display a negative estimated delivery date when using a future Ship Date. You can now schedule shipments for a future Ship Date and receive an estimated delivery date.  


Selling Channels



  • Magento: We fixed an issue that caused the shipping carrier name to be sent as “Custom” or “Other” in marketplace notifications to Magento. The correct carrier name will now be sent for Magento orders as expected.

  • Shopify
    • We fixed an issue that caused Shopify orders to import with all available item options instead of just the options chosen by a customer at checkout.
    • Shopify orders that contain only non-physical, non-shippable products will no longer import into ShipStation.
    • Shopify orders importing as Authorized will now import to the Awaiting Shipment status instead of Awaiting Payment. 
  • Fulfillment By Amazon: We fixed the issue that blocked marketplace notifications to eBay when using Fulfillment by Amazon with ShipStation. Marketplace notifications are now successfully notifying eBay of FBA shipments. 


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