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Amazon Buy Shipping wont work in SS - Email Verification Error

New Contributor

Trying to configure SFP Amazon orders using Amazon Buy Shipping.

SS just gives me this error for any A B Shipping service selected

"amazon_email" must be a valid email (Validation). (400, 24ac85ad-b076-4ea8-a39c-d4015699c21a)


Tech ticket raised yesterday, no reply back yet. Now have more SFP orders i cant ship with the correct

Amazon buy shipping service..... metrics dropping ... guess i will loose SFP sales very soon...


this is going to cost me alot of business and create customer complaints/ negative feedback/ refunds

loss of position on all Amazon selling products.... disaster.


Hey there @ScotttCCTV, 


Thank you for posting about this error message. I'm sorry that I don't have a direct answer to get past this message. You have certainly done the correct thing by reaching out to our Support Department directly in this case. 


I do see that the team is actively working to troubleshoot this behavior with you! I am confident in their ability to get to the root of this behavior 🙂 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Still no solution or even any direct contact from Ship Station... actual technical support is non existent.

"amazon_email" must be a valid email (Validation). (400, 982643ed-9b06-4bbb-9af6-12344f228a31)

Error persists

Howdy @ScottCCTV


We're sorry to hear that this issue has not yet been resolved. I see that a couple agents from our support team followed up with you this morning with another potential solution! If that solution does not work, please feel free to reply directly to that email or open another chat with the team. We hope to resolve this for you asap.


Happy Thursday!  

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

New Contributor

Afraid theres still no solution to this error and my SFP metrics now flagging warnings via Amazon who have stated they will suspend my SFP rights as a result. This system of Tech support in another country that arent contactable via telephone and sending every issue to a community chat board is ludicrous... never experienced such a reluctance to provide actual effective tech support in my life.


New Contributor

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

I understand that you are receiving an error when trying to use Amazon Buy Shipping service for SFP orders.

Please reply with the following:
1) .txt format attachment of both the request and response.
2) Confirmation of marketplace ID, Developer ID and endpoint cited in request.

Please know that unless you provide the above information we will be unable to investigate the issue.
Amazon Developer Support

Hey there @ScottCCTV


Thank you for showing us what Amazon would need in order to investigate this error message that is populating! 


I double checked my system and found that you are actively working with one of our agents to get this information in hand. This is exactly the right thing to do. For any internal account specific information like this, the support team directly will always be the best bet. 



From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

If that were true i wouldnt bother posting any details here....

the sad fact is that tech support is non existant

Occasional Contributor

was there ever a solutions?  I have tehe same issue.

Hey there @JDW


If you're running into an email verification error with Amazon Buy Shipping, please reach out to our support team at your convenience so we can investigate with you directly in your account. 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!