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CN23 document missing from Royal Mail labels

New Contributor

I've raised this with support but they are taking ages to get back and I can't work without this resolved. Hoping maybe someone here as come across this and found a fix. 

As the subject says, the CN23 documents are missing in my international Royal Mail labels and they are also missing from the list of documents you can print manually. From one day to the next, pop, vanished. 



Occasional Contributor

Same problem here, able to print manually but not practical.

New Contributor

Yes same for us. Really disappoing as this will make things very long. There are more and more issues popping up now and it's pushing us away from ShipStation.

Same here. The Royal mail integration in particular is horrible now.

I've looked into Veeqo but they aren't there yet for the volume I need. 

Have you looked at any alternatives?