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Digital Customs Docs - specific countries only


Original post by user Scott Hunter


After a recent parcel had a misadventure to Spain and back, I thought I'd make a suggestion here.


Said parcel was meant to be heading for Brazil using DHL Worldwide Express (UK based account) and we have PLT active for DHL (PaperLess Trade) so normally don't need to print the customs docs. 


After a lot of searching through the logs by SS help chat, we discovered that although the customs docs were generated and attempted to send ... Brazil don't have ability to cope with Digital/Paperless docs yet, so we should have attached the Commercial Invoice (which is now finally showing in UK £, thanks, eventually).


Turns out the docs were not accepted but the only clue would have been the label not showing C-PLT in the black strip. I have now been directed to the DHL list of countries that support PLT and set up an automation rule for those countries, this adds a tag and an internal note to remeber to actually print and attach the docs.


It would have been helpful if the processing of this label had flagged this, lord knows it fails at the slightest missing space from postcodes, etc. so a little error message would have saved us the extra shipping to return this from Spain and send it back on course to Brazil.



There have been more changes to how Brazil handles incoming packages from international locations as well. 


Be sure to review the Shipping to Brazil help article for details on adding the Tax ID to your labels and customs forms, along with helpful tips on how to identify orders shipping to Brazil.