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How to get a GlobalPost label onto a USPS scan form?

New Contributor

On the End-of-Day screen, my Globalpost packages are separate from USPS packages. When I close the USPS batch, the scan form contains just those USPS packages, not the separate Globalpost packages. If I try to close the Globalpost batch, I get "Unexpected carrier pipeline error. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. (b21c31f2-7a92-4c10-a3d8-0ee4869bd8e7)".

Spend over an hour with Shipstation support. I had to quote their own help documents to them. Complete waste of my time.

Is there any way to get the Globalpost shipments onto the USPS scan form? It is a real pain having to explain to the USPS clerk that some of the packages are on a scan form while others are not.


New Contributor

Sometimes (maybe depending on the Globalpost service selected?) the GP packages DO show up under the USPS batch -- but are not included on the SCAN form.