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Re: ShipStation Improvements and Bug Fixes (Sept 6 - Sep 17)

New Contributor

Hope this is well received.


There is a major bug, and I'm wondering how it's not impacting more people.  Maybe they're not noticing.


I connected my UPS account to my shipstation.  I now have USPS and UPS in the first section, and a second UPS in the second section of carriers.  My second UPS account has negotiated rates, and net terms, so I accumulate a large balance and pay them every other week.


The bug is whenever I'm trying to print a USPS label using shipstation, somehow it's seeing my UPS balance, and it's requiring me to pay the balance that I owe UPS.


Even worse?!  I had a $400 credit on my USPS account the day before I connected everything, so that is now trapped in this abyss, unable to be used or refunded.


Please help 🙂


Hello there @FnFShips


Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention here in the Community! We are thrilled to have you with us. 


Ww are not seeing other reports at this time of similar activity across other accounts. However, after reading what you are describing here, I absolutely went to check into your account directly and do see that additional investigation is required. I am bringing this to the attention of my team so that we can get to the bottom of the behavior that you are seeing. 


Be on the look out for a DM from me to gather some more specific information. 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

Hello again @FnFShips


From checking into this further, I do see some shipments that were in fact sent out via UPS From ShipStation, instead of your direct UPS account. When that UPS From ShipStation account was used to purchase labels, it was billing those directly thru the connected stamps account. These charges will not show up on your direct UPS account. This includes both the initial rate and any adjustments made by the carrier in regards to the specific delivery. You can read in more detail about the post billing adjustments here. You can see in the Shipments tab exactly which account each shipment used by adding the Shipping Account column to your shipments grid. Then, set your date filters to view shipments as far back as you need. I have taken a quick screenshot to show how I personally filtered in this way.


I’ve asked one of our support team leads to look more closely at your account to ensure each charge on your account is indeed from using UPS from ShipStation services and if they are post billing adjustments applied to the balance after shipment.


They should be following up with you soon. I hope this helps 🙂  

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!