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How are you all handling USPS 2+ weeks late shipping?

We have had about 200 boxes shipped out in early December still not make it first week of January. Most customers are being extremely patient but for those who's patience has run out we've reshipped with other carriers. Since USPS will allow loss cla...

Bobby_M by Contributor
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Can't connect shipstation to Etsy

When I connect an ETSY store to shipstation, I get "You have no orders "Awaiting Shipment from the marketplace," and on the store setup page, the status displays an exclamation symbol, not a checkmark.

redposie by First-timer
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DHL eCommerce API 4.0 Issues and Errors

How many of you out there are running into non-stop issues since the recent implementation of API 4.0 for DHL eCommerce on ShipStation? Going back months, ShipStation did not implement this new API 4.0. Just recently (I believe on July 20th), 4.0 was...

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 6.11.18 PM.png
SydSegal by Occasional Contributor
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3rd Party Shipping Account

Hello, Is it possible to add a 3rd party shipping account (specifically FedEx) to ShipStation? I have the requirement for one of my drop ship accounts to use their FedEx account and I can't seem to figure out how to do it via ShipStation. Any assista...

Can someone give me the UPS rate for this shipping?

I am seeing if it is a good option for me to acquire Shipstation, so I am checking the UPS fees. The thing is that I haven't been able to integrate my UPS account with Shipstation. Could someone give me the fee for this packages please?37.4 in, 37.4 ...

NMC by New Contributor
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FBA MultiChannel Fulfillment Costs Report

I need a to know the total costs for all shipping and carrier costs for a certain time period for example the last 30 days. I noticed when I run the Shipping Costs report it doesn't include any of the FBA multichannel fulfillment fees. None of the ot...

international shipment

Greetings! I 'm new to shipstaion, its very interesting, i sell my products online and i am looking for a cheaper rates to ship. My customers are complaining about the cost of shipment, i ship internationally and i need help getting a better rates fo...

New carrier set-up issues

Hi We need to set up about 20 carrier accounts and it is not going well - 4 are set up and working well.. It is not easy to get the invoice info from the big box retailers - we need their inv no, amount , postal code/zip on invoice, etc. and get toss...

brendak by New Contributor
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Canadian UPS Shipments being returned immediately.

Our last two UPS shipments to Canada have been returned to us the following day with notice from UPS stating that "sender requested return". We have shipped to Canada through UPS and Shipstation about half a dozen times prior to this without incident...

WBW by New Contributor
  • 2 replies
  • 0 kudos Shipping Intelligence Software

We are working on a custom software solution which will integrate directly with 3dCart and ShipStation allowing you to monitor all of the packages you have in the mail stream from one powerful dashboard. Our goal is to create an easy to use yet robus...

How to fix request body?

How to fix API error (products/productId)?{ "Message": "The request is invalid.", "ModelState": { "id": [ "The value 'productId' is not valid for Int32." ] }}Body{ "aliases": null, "productId": 1310726, "sku": "19", "name": "fffffff", "price": 1, "de...


How do I set up postage for a number 0 bubble mailer that weighs 4 OZ? Is it considered a package, letter or what?When I try to enter the information it show $ 7.38 for postage.

rick by First-timer
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Amazon shipping not generate labels

Hello, Recently we noticed that we cant generate Amazon shipping labels and gettin always the same error :No eligible service offerings received. You may be after the cutoff time for collection. Try moving the ship date to the following business day....

Custom Integrated Label

We are an online store using Etsy and Shopify. We ship via Parcelforce (Mainly) with some exceptions depending on postcode We are interested in having a custom label/pickslip written to pull all the information that we need including the shipping lab...

Resolved! UPS suddenly not showing as carrier option

Hi, Been using shipstation for several years. Suddenly, UPS isn't showing in my list of carrier options even though it's setup in my list of carriers. I've disconnected and reconnected a few times hoping that would solve the issue. That didn't work. ...

MikeATX by Occasional Contributor
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Unable to buy ShipSurance Credit for the last week

Every time I submit payment, it says "An unexpected error occurred. Sorry but an unexpected error occurred." and does not allow my to purchase credits, so I have been forced to use more expensive carrier insurance. Is anyone else having this issue? I...

Phreaktor by New Contributor
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Linking UPS Account

Hello,I am having issues getting our account from a retailer to sync up with ShipStation.Has anyone else seen this issue or found a solution?

Purolator integration omissions, features missing

We're currently migrating from Purolator's in-house platform to ShipStation.Currently, when we create a label, we input our reference # in Purolator system (our internal shipping slip #). Two neat features result from there:The reference number appea...

UPS cost increase?

So we received an email a few days ago that UPS rates were going to receive a LARGER DISCOUNT starting today. NOTHING about a rate increase.... From everything I search online UPS did NOT raise standard ground rates in the US recently (since the begi...

PH by First-timer
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UPS EDI Support

Good morning, We have finished setting up our own UPS account and integrating our negotiated rates. We did all of this to enable EDI support with UPS to make customs processing easier. Could someone please point me in the right direction for how to e...

FedEx FIMS Mailview Integration

This has been a topic of discussion for the past 7 years without any effort on Shipstation's end to add this feature. It comes highly requested (

EcomFix by First-timer
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