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UPS Collect

Why is shipping by UPS Collect, using a customer's account number, not an option already. We are a company that ships to other companies and most of them want to use their UPS account numbers. Not having this option may deter me from using ShipStatio...

dgentz by First-timer
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WIX Integration - BROKEN!

Hi All, I am reaching out to check if anyone else here is having MAJOR Wix integration issues for the last month...We are being told by customer support this a COMMUNITY WIDESPREAD ISSUE; Yet have not ETA on when this will be fixed. As of Sept 25th w...

Scheduling Pickups

We find it quite prohibitive to use Shipstation for booking shipments without a pickup option. Creating the label and then having to externally order the pickup on our own carrier account dashboard is time consuming and leaves us open to human error,...

Support ALL Carrier Shipment Levels

So, both of my reps (UPS & FedEx) are showing me these new service levels and trying to get us to use them. UPS has the new Simple Rate program (to compete with FedEx's 2-Day One Rate program) FedEx has a new program for lightweight packages which ha...

Shipstation UPS discount vs Amazon UPS discount.

Hello.I made a ups account through Shipstation. I wonder if it is the best discount rate that I can get. I heard that I can get the best UPS discount rate though Amazon.If it is, then I think to make new UPS account through Amazon, and will use the a...

Error when adding UPS Account

Help!I am receiving the following message when trying to add our UPS accounts: "OBJECT REFERENCE NOT SET TO AN INSTANCE OF AN OBJECT" How do I solve this problem? I have tried both of our UPS accounts and neither one can be added. Any help would be a...

3rd Party Logistics

We are actively finding that FBA is not a good fulfillment center as they are about 4-6 months out on receiving in any shipments from vendors. We are actively looking for a new solution to not only handle our FBA products but as well as our eCommerce...

HorseGuard by Frequent Contributor
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MyPost Business Still Not Usable

MyPost Business will not work in Shipstation with Australia Post credit accounts. IT will only work when each order is individually charged to a credit card. This means if you have 800 orders a month you will have 800 charges to your credit card rath...

Please add Parcelforce Global Express

I just noticed that the Global Express service from Parcelforce (contract account using ExpressLink) isn't available. This is an essential service, particularly since it the fastest international service available from Parcelforce. Since you already ...

anatomie by New Contributor
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Purolator express pack, express envelope & express box

Hey guys, we are looking to use the following shipping services offered by Purolator. -Purolator express pack- Express envelope- Express box I can't find them anywhere in the carrier settings. Is there any way to add those services manualy? Thanks

ogmoto by Occasional Contributor
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Cannot finalize Add Shipping Carrier

I am trying to use the Add Shipping Carrier feature in ShipStation to link my account. I enter all the information and get to the final screen, where I check Terms & Services agreement checkbox. However, the Finish Setup button does NOT be...

ShipMan by New Contributor
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UPS Reference Fields - Billing

We have multiple selling channels and need to be able to tell which orders relate to which store on the bill we receive from UPS. According to UPS, you can add an identifying indicator within any one of the shipment reference fields that will show up...

EatFitGo by New Contributor
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I no longer have the option of shipping first class

hey - anyone else have this problem? All of a sudden I can no longer ship first class and oly have priority options - even for domestic USA. I keep getting a red alert bar with this message when I try: "Only mail classes Priority Mail and Express Mai...

Locked out for 30minutes at a time

Hi there, I desperately need help with this frustrating issue! I’m trying to print a label from UPS but I get a red “Authentication fail” and I keep getting locked out. I need these packages shipped out by 5pm today. Thanks in advance for the help I ...

Andres1 by New Contributor
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New Australia Post Feature

When creating a label Australia Post has the option to 'Send tracking notifications to this recipient (optional)' as a checkbox.Please integrate this feature into shipstation as it provides the option to:If selected, delivery notifications keep the r...

gtss by First-timer
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Schedule a pick-up for NZ Post

Can you please implement "schedule a pick-up" for NZ Post/Courier Post from within Shipstation. At this stage, we have to call them to arrange a pick-up. This feature works in eShip/Starshipit, so obviously it is possible.

Seamus by First-timer
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How are you all handling USPS 2+ weeks late shipping?

We have had about 200 boxes shipped out in early December still not make it first week of January. Most customers are being extremely patient but for those who's patience has run out we've reshipped with other carriers. Since USPS will allow loss cla...

Bobby_M by Contributor
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Can't connect shipstation to Etsy

When I connect an ETSY store to shipstation, I get "You have no orders "Awaiting Shipment from the marketplace," and on the store setup page, the status displays an exclamation symbol, not a checkmark.

redposie by First-timer
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DHL eCommerce API 4.0 Issues and Errors

How many of you out there are running into non-stop issues since the recent implementation of API 4.0 for DHL eCommerce on ShipStation? Going back months, ShipStation did not implement this new API 4.0. Just recently (I believe on July 20th), 4.0 was...

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 6.11.18 PM.png
SydSegal by Occasional Contributor
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3rd Party Shipping Account

Hello, Is it possible to add a 3rd party shipping account (specifically FedEx) to ShipStation? I have the requirement for one of my drop ship accounts to use their FedEx account and I can't seem to figure out how to do it via ShipStation. Any assista...

Can someone give me the UPS rate for this shipping?

I am seeing if it is a good option for me to acquire Shipstation, so I am checking the UPS fees. The thing is that I haven't been able to integrate my UPS account with Shipstation. Could someone give me the fee for this packages please?37.4 in, 37.4 ...

NMC by New Contributor
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