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Unable to use UPS

New Contributor

A week ago UPS disappeared as a carrier on my Shipstation bronze account. In a chat, tech support said UPS had locked the account. I checked with UPS, they said there is no problem with the account. I can log into UPS and ship with the same account directly with no issue, but Shipstation will not let me add them as a carrier. Since then I have tried to contact Shipstation several times with no success. Last week was our big holiday shipping period. The majority of my orders were UPS. I sent several of them directly with UPS, and several via USPS. It has cost me a lot of extra money to do this. Is Shipstation support really this bad?



Hello Info35, 


Thank you for being a part of our community and for your post. 


I apologize for the experience you had while attempting to contact support. I know that there was a small outage related to UPS around this time that was resolved.  Were you able to add your account back or are you still having issues with this?


Please let us know. 


-Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Manager 

This is the third time I have attempted to respond to this message. This seems to work about as well as the rest of Shipstation. Yes it is still a problem. I had to go directly to UPS and ship through my account during our busiest time and it cost me dearly. I then found that I could attach UPS as an option under the Shipstation account billed to my credit card. I don't know if that provides the same benefit as direct or not. I tried to contact your help for 6 days with absolutely no response. Shipstation is confusing and cumbersome. With no support available it does not seem to me to be worth anything. Now that the Holiday rush is over I will have time to find another shipping service. The first thing I will look for is one that provides support. 

I am sorry that you are having trouble responding to this message and that you are still having problems connecting your UPS account. I am going to be sending you a private message shortly to gather further details about this to see what we can do.