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Shipstation adds 1 lb shipment

Occasional Contributor

Are any of you having trouble with Shipstation adding weight to the weight you enter when shipping a parcel?
UPS is virtually our sole carrier and the only carrier we have integrated with Shipstation. We started noticing that the quoted price on Shipstation was consistently more than on

BUT when we lowered the the weight on Shipstation to be 1 lb less than on they matched perfectly. Is there a setting somewhere to adjust this? It's frustrating to know that we've been paying an extra pound per shipment for nothing. 


Hey there @TruckPartsShip


When it comes to those weights for the parcels, there are no additionally added weights aside from the shipment information provided. There *CAN be automation rules that do this, but you would certainly know if you had one of those setup. 


With these types of rate discrepancies, we certainly want to investigate directly. I see that you have started a ticket with our support team! This was absolutely the right call to make here. We appreciate your patience with our support team while we check into your specific situation! 


From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!