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Gee golly, stop forcing new UPS accounts and ads! Really?!

New Contributor

How in the world do you justify forcing us to create a UPS account....when adding a new Stamps account?


We ship USPS and can't, won't, and don't ship UPS. Yet here we are with a shiny new UPS account in ShipStation.

Don't even bother asking why we're being forced to create two entirely new Stamps accounts 8+ years of no problems: it's because they broke our old one, out of nowhere. And no one will help, of course, or fix it. Just point to the useless support articles, and go create a new account and set up everything again with a new carrier. Don't worry, I have weeks of spare time laying round with nothing to do so I can fix the problems you created and I have no control over.


Unbelievably, that's not even the frustrating part!


Now when I got to buy a shipping label, I get UPS ads below the rate letting me know that, and I'm not making this up, I can "Save $0.01 by switching to UPS." You can't make this stuff up!


I don't have any UPS, all services are disabled, and I still get ads from UPS. Customer service couldn't even help, my ticket had to be escalated to another department. I use to be able to make ShipStation do whatever we needed it to, and never needed support (because everything worked, and it was good). Now, the support team can't even help; it has to be escalated. That is always the "Canary in the coal mine" of signs of things to come. The trajectory is upsetting.


Did you sign a contract with UPS to take a percentage of every label? Why am I being forced into UPS when I don't even use them? Leave it out of my interface, for goodness sakes. We're not idiots. I'll add it if I need to.


You guys better get your act together, and quickly, because there a lot of other shipping services looking very attractive at the moment. As a developer, ShipStation has been my favorite software, to use and to build APIs for, for over 10 years. It's only taken a few weeks to start looking elsewhere. I'd honestly rather switch eCommerce systems before I'd switch away from ShipStation. But since the Auctane/Thoma Bravo acquisitions, things have gone from great to horrible in a shockingly short amount of time.


It's impressive how quickly you can ruin a perfectly good thing with large amounts of investment. Seems like it was more of an investment for you, not for us.