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New Contributor

We've been having issues with labels purchased through Shipstation.


  1. High adjustment amounts after the label purchase

I am not sure if it is intentionally Shipstation shows lower rates for and then, after the label is purchased, you get an adjusted bill.

  • As one of the examples, we have a few: we entered the weight and package dimensions and got a rate of $127.99, which is lower than our own UPS account offers. We purchase the UPS label, and then after two months, we get billed $159
  • Another example, we get quoted $66, and after the purchase, we get billed $99.
  • Adjustment may happen with 5% or a maximum of 10%, but 25% to 50% is alarming.

2) Claims 

We lost shipment and filed a claim through Shipstation. UPS approved the claim. does have any idea about it. However, it's been more than three months since they are not refunding us the label cost, which is $160. I received a reply from  that I should've filed a different claim through


Reaching and Shipstation support is not easy.

Even after I contacted Shipstation, tickets are staying unanswered for weeks.


I hope Shipstation will find a way to display the actual rates from


We stopped buying any labels from (UPS and USPS) through Shipstation and using our own UPS account even if it is slightly higher. At least I know we can reach the UPS team, and they can handle our claims faster and better.




Frequent Contributor

I just noticed this today also.  The adjustments are exhorbitant.   To me it seems that when they recalculate the adjusted price they are using retail rates not the negotiated rate.    Something fishy definitely going on.


I'm new to Shipstation; can someone tell me how I find a report or notifications of price adjustments?  I've been naive to think that the purchased price is always the actual price.  Is there a report somewhere that shows price adjustments?

Hey there @XCSKIHQ


You can review those adjustments in directly! Please review the steps listed HERE in our Knowledge Base article about how to do so. 


If you have any additional questions afterwards, absolutely feel free to reach out to our support team for clarification. 


I hope this helps! 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!