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Tracking of unshipped or stuck orders

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Hi community members,

I have a task to control if orders were shipped from our warehouse within a certain period of time (2 days for us).

I made a script which uses the order's tracking information, and when it still sees "Label Created" or "Not Shipped Yet" (status can differ from carrier to carrier) after 2 days of the label creation, I get a warning for these orders. I can filter these orders and investigate why they were not shipped in time (although were supposed to be shipped).

I'm thinking of sharing this kind of software for all shipstation merchants but first I have to work on it more, so I wanted to ask the community if it is something you can benefit from?

As far as I understand you can not filter labels that are for some reason unshipped, using Shipstation features.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Your feedback is highly appreciated!




YES, YES, and YES!!!

This feature has been requested for years and years!  There are several posts about this in the "ideas" section.   This idea was upvoted by the community in the past when they used to have a voting thing for ideas/feature requests.

This feature is actually my #1 requested feature (well after being able to look up a customer/order by phone number in the search)

EVERY SINGLE customer should have this feature, this feature benefits EVERY customer we have AND would prevent A-Z claims in amazon and tons of unhappy customers.

I have no idea why shipstation would ever choose NOT to have this feature but they know the entire community wants it and they have chosen not to have it. Personally, I used to think that SS didnt add this feature because it would cause people to file claims into carriers for refunds when they don't fulfill their shipping guarantees, but now after this whole V3 debacle, I just think it's because they are lazy lol. There are several companies that track shipped orders for late deliveries and then file claims to the carriers and take a cut of that. I don't need all of that, I just need to know when a package is delayed so I can fix an issue before it's a problem, not after the customer is screaming at me and Amazon is giving a claim against me.  Please let me know if you will be posting it.  here or on Github. I am available to be a tester also and provide you with feedback.  I would suggest that you offer it for free and have a donation button with it also.  I would donate if I download it, everyone will not but let some of us give back to people like yourself that I looking to help the community, we're all having a bit of hard times right now and we all need to stick together and help each other out.


Shipstation provides transit times for an order, if it's 2 days they should alert us in XX days and the order  isn't showing delivered. Another feature can be if keywords show up in the tracking like, "exception and delay".  There's a bunch of different ways to skin a cat on this one and any one of them would be helpful to us all.


Thank you for coming up with a solution on this when a multimillion-dollar company cant and won't.  

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Thank you for your feedback, this is important for me, appreciate it! Will try to deploy MVP asap and let you know. 

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Hi @ARCreef , could you please point me at the upvoted by community discussion you mentioned above? Thanks.

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@ARCreef and others. If you're still searching, I made a solution (ShipAware) for "stuck" shipments with preshipment (still in the warehouse) status.

It automatically imports your ShipStation orders so there's no need to double enter shipping details. Here's a screen:


@WillS did you finish the product? If not, why?

How do we utilize this solution?  And also what are the typical costs?  Please let me know.  Thanks!

New Contributor

Hi @RORYJO. You can sign up at and see pricing at

There's a free tier too. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Hi Laurel39,

Really like your post and would like to know the progress of your script.  This is something that could really help my business tremendously.  Please keep me updated.  Thanks!