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Very low compensation for package loss.

New Contributor

Hello community,

I have filed my first claim with Shipstation for package loss and found out that the maximum insurance coverage for the package is only 50€(!). The shipping service is DPD.

Since I was promised in January that all packages are insured for 520€, I received the full amount once as a goodwill gesture. However, this is a real problem for future cases, as no reasonable businessman would send packages with only 50€ insurance coverage. It's simply not enough for most of my packages.

I would even be willing to pay for higher insurance coverage for my expensive packages with Shipstation, but unfortunately, it's not possible.

Now I have a problem - I would have to either
a) leave Shipstation,
b) significantly increase the postage costs, or
c) hope that no more packages get lost.

I don't like any of these three options!

What can be done, does anyone have a suggestion?