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Feature Request - Buy Amazon Shipping Non-Prime Merchant Fulfilled


I know the current buy shipping api exist for Merchant Fulfilled Prime. However, non-prime MF bus shipping is not available through this interface, through ShipStation.


This impacts my business in a couple of different ways:


If I don't buy shipping from AMZ, and the carrier says the package is delivered, but the Customer says they did not receive it, then I am liable for the refund plus the loss of products and my own costs.


If you buy AMZ shipping, AMZ refunds the Customer and does not charge me for the lost package.


The second impact is to my operational workflow. In order to have the benefits of the liability shift to AMZ, I have to use the Amazon interface to purchase shipping. As a multi-channel seller, I'd rather stay in the excellent ShipStation interface without having to "swivel-chair" to another screen.


Can ShipStation add the ability to purchase non-Prime Merchant Fulfilled AMZ shipping?


Occasional Contributor

Hi sales112,


Our company has asked ShipStation to do this many times. The vibe I get from ShipStation is that the staff and engineers do not care. It should be an easy thing to do since the function already exists. And ShipStation, being one of the biggest leaders in this field, they should want to do it and help the customer. Every time I talk to ShipStation about it, they always say, "Post it in the community, if you get enough votes, we might look into it". Unfortunately, I think ShipStation just does not care enough.

Occasional Contributor

It also looks like this request has been around since 2019 in this community with no advancement from ShipStation. I wish people would like this topic more to get some movement on it.

Occasional Contributor

I have also asked numerous times about non-prime MF with no real assistance from Shipstation. 

it is a shame because it is an essential feature to keep me on the platform.