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end of day forms


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Can anyone answer a question i have about end of day forms.


I use Royal Mail here in the uk, my question is if i buy the postage/ dispatch the item on a sunday, will the items that sunday be moved into the end of day form for the Monday as we can't actually dispatch on sunday?


Also Add on question can you do 2 end of day forms in the same day ie for a 2pm del and a 4pm del?




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I can only answer for my experience with the USPS but yes it typically moves the shipments to the next business End of Day form. 

I am not sure about your second question. 

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"Also Add on question can you do 2 end of day forms in the same day ie for a 2pm del and a 4pm del?"


You can have as many EODs as you want in a day, and each will only contain the orders since the previous EOD. So if you had 10 orders and you only select 5 of them to close for your EOD, and then you purchase labels for another 2 orders, your next EOD can have 7 orders.


We ship multiple pallets of 220 items each, so I run an EOD for each pallet as I print the labels. Some days we have as many as 12 EODs

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If you set the dispatch date to the Monday then it will appear on the Monday End of Day.


If you forget and put one through on Sundays date you will need to run an End of Day for the Sunday as well and ask your Royal Mail collection driver to scan both.

No issues doing two end of days, e.g. if you did a midday drop and a later one 👍

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