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Status: Investigating

V2 made this easy - there was a pane at the bottom and I added the labels to the batch in the order in which I wanted them to print and them printed the batch from the same screen.

V3 has no similar functionality and the labels print in seemingly random order from the batch.

This isn't good because we need the labels to print out in the order we add them. This way we're not switching back and forth between packaging types while packing the orders.  It speeds things up and cuts down on packaging errors.


I figured out a way around this on my own.  You can create the batch of labels in any order from the orders grid.  DON'T PRINT THEM OR THE SLIPS YET.  Then go to SHIPMENTS > BATCHES > PROCESSED and find the batch you want to print (set "processed date" filter to "today") to find today's batches and remember to filter by user if necessary.  Then click on the batch you want and sort them in the order you want.  From this screen - and apparently this screen only - the labels will print in the order you select them.  You can also filter by package type, carrier, weight, zone, whatever and print the ones that fit whatever criteria you want.

It's ridiculous that such a simple function that worked on one screen in V2 requires this many extra steps in V3 but I wanted to share in case anyone else was encountering the same problem.

Status changed to: Investigating

This no longer seems to work, any solution?

Occasional Contributor

This is a big problem adding exponential workflow requirements to those of us who previously scanned orders into batches and then print the batch labels to apply to the stack of boxes in the order they are stacked.