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Status: Investigating


Combining Orders - Every time I combine orders together from the order alerts screen and go to dismiss the notification, I then highlight the next buyer to combine the shipments of the combine shipments button greys out and doesn't allow me to combine them. I have to individually go into each. It makes combing orders take twice as long. We should just have the ability to highlight all of the buyers in the order alerts screen, click combine and all of the orders combine, I can click rerun our automation rules and let that process and it would be 10 times faster


Wrong Address Combinations - V2 had a warning system to tell us that two orders didn't have the same address if we accidentally highlighted a wrong order line. That no longer exists under V3, if you accidentally highlight an incorrect order line and attempt combine it, the system just allows it to go through, no warning, not even a notification that it just happened. You would never know if you weren't paying attention.


Packing Slip Rendering - Even though the html for the 8.5x11 and the 4x6 are the exact same. The 8.5x11 render shows a completely different packing slips despite the code literally being copied and pasted. This doesn't help the printing issue that is described below.


Packing Slip Printing - The sizing used to be fit to size of printing. It was a 4x6 sizing in the template default but it always printed to the size of computer paper due to the defaults set with shipstation connect and our printer. Now I have to download the packing slips to actually print them correctly.


Cancelling Orders - I used to be able to highlight all of the orders I'd like to cancel and cancel them all at once. Even if it was 50 orders, I used to be able to highlight all and click cancel once and it was done. Now it only cancels one at a time. I highlight 50, I click cancel and it just cancels the top 1. I have to click the dropdown and cancel 50 times to actually do the job now.


Shipstation Connect - Shipstation connect has gone completely overboard. I get nothing but errors or just outright nothing when I click what I want to print. I also have to select a new default to print labels and packing slips at least once or twice every single week.


Label Sortation - I need my labels to be sorted by weight. This was usually done by having the option "None (as selected)" chosen for sortation, then having the shipments view sorted by weight. It only sorts the first handful. But then the last 95% of the labels are seemingly random and won't match with the sorting scheme they are supposed to. It messes everything up and adds even more time to my day.


Voiding Labels - I now get notices that I can no longer void first class letters and first class flats. The system tells me that I can't do that. Because of this. I've learned that the labels a good amount of my labels that were being "voided" and sent back to the store where they were from weren't actually voided and credited back to my account. No, of course don't give me a refund on the probably several hundred dollars of postage I've now lost, don't even tell me about how you aren't filing for refunds for them anymore. I've lost more money in postage now because of that alone than I pay in the subscription fees I pay ShipStation.


All in all, shipstation went from being my favorite vendor/application I use to the absolute worst. What's even worse is when I get told by reps on the phone that they haven't heard of any issues I've described to them even though I can find dozens of forum posts here and on other sites talking about these issues. 


And I'm sure next week there will be even more issues. It's one thing if one problem arose, got fixed, and then another problem occurred. Not a single issue I have written here has gotten fixed, and they keep coming. It's like V3 is just falling apart the more I use it. It's adding several hours to my already busy week. I have a 1 year old at home I'd like to spend more time with.


I feel that ShipStation doesn't care of these issues because how long they have been going on and the extreme lack of solutions for any of them.


Edit: Feel free to comment a list of all of your issues too, because this is beyond crazy.


Shipping date - ALL Shipping TOMORROW

  • Not cut-off time
    • Labels print throughout the day
    • print cut-off time was not changed
  • No one manually changed all the labels to print "tomorrow"

After shipping an order, can not go back and make a change to see what other shipping methods may have cost.  We did this as audit of our shipping managers (and just to make sure we selected the right method). Alos was very easy if we have to reship an order.  Having to Create Another Shipment is not time efficient and takes much longer, then we have to cancel that shipment.


There is no way to ship multi-package shipments with USPS.  Other than creating a new shipment and it literally takes almost a minute for ShipStation to process each label.  This was an issue in V2 but did not take nearly as long.


Everything takes longer to load and process compared to V2.




Status changed to: Investigating

Howdy there! Thank you for providing all of this feedback. When you provide this type of details and examples it is so much easier to investigate.


I'm happy to report that we are absolutely looking into many of the behaviors that you have described above, and some have already been resolved! You certainly can bulk cancel orders in one action, for example!  


For the packing slip issues you mentioned, these are both things that we would want to get with our support team about if you haven't done so already. 


The voiding restriction that you are running into there for the first class flats/letters is actually coming directly into our system from Stamps. I am checking to see if we can find some more info about this, so i'll update again when we have any news in this area. 


Thank you again for providing this feedback to us, and i'll update this thread again as soon as i have new info to do so 🙂 


Happy shipping! 





Are you able to reach out to me. I'd like to chat with someone on the phone about the voiding issue because this is ending up costing me a lot of money. Additionally, there is a glitch in trying to print off the form which makes it impossible to begin with.