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Occasional Contributor
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This new order details view when I open an individual order is far too large and intrusive. Please revert back to the old view or make it the same size as it was prior to the forced update. There are many reasons why many chose to stay away from the new view and this is mine. 

New Contributor

Agreed, we just got forced switched over to this and it's almost unusable. It requires scrolling all over the screen to find the same information that was easily accessible at a glance before.

Does shipstation not get feedback from users before pushing these changes out?

Occasional Contributor

judging by the state of this feedback forum, It doesn't look like they care enough to check it. Yesterday I was told I had the chance to give feedback prior to the update. I informed them I left feedback and was ignored and recommended they actually check these posts in the future. I was given a generic "Thanks for the suggestion, we'll look into that" response.

New Contributor

It is terrible, and clunky, this is worse then the last time they forced us to use an "improved" version.  Are they going to subsadise the extra man hours to take 5 minutes to do a 30 second task. 

New Contributor

When a shipment is done the "requested" Shipping chosen by the customer is no longer visible as "requested".




Hey there! Thank you for your feedback. Our team has been made aware that the requested service is not present in our new layout. This is something we plan to address however, I do not currently have an ETA. 


If there is anything additional we can assist with, please let us know!


Thank you and happy shipping!