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I was fine with the old version.  Then I got a message from SS saying they were forcing everyone to the "new improved" version.   So I go ahead and move over to the new version and its like 5 times slower to get a label printed.  I can't believe it!   I thought maybe it was my browser so I switched from Firefox to Chrome.   Nope!  It's still slow.   I mean ridiculously slow.  I'll type stuff in and it shows up on the screen 10-15 seconds later.    When I click print label it says "Purchasing label from carrier" for about 20-30 seconds until the label finally appears.    It's very reminiscent of applications on PCs around 1990 vintage working over 2400 baud modem connections.


This is progress????

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Agreed! Takes 5x as long to process a small batch! The new version is CRAP and I'm looking for something else. It's not just this one thing I have a list of 7 'updates' that make shipping with ss horrible.


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its probably gotten slower to be honest


you have to get rid of the "try and do a rate quote call every time someone types or selects something on the screen" nonsense.  its just absolutely making it like fighting with the interface to enter weight, package, method, etc as shipstation is constantly trying to quote even though the info isnt even filled out


come on

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All of our employees HATE the new version.  It just take FOREVER for one click.  OMG!  Takes 10x as long to process a small batch! The new version is HORRIBLE and I'm looking for something else.  It seems like the Customer Service doesn't care.  

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I have never really understood ShipStation: it is SO complicated and hard to understand. But tonight I just made a new Manual Order then ordered a Label for First Class Postage, and the operation won't finish. Here is a screenshot: bugSince it won't finish, and there is no access to any form controls, I have no idea what to do.

Can someone PLEASE help me?



We definitely want to make sure that you're able to print labels as intended. This is an ideas area, so for more direct and specific troubleshooting like this, my recommendation is to reach out directly to our support team via Email ( or Live Chat Widget. 


We hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

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Well, thanks for nothing. I closed the ShipStation window and spent about 15 minutes searching to see if a label had been purchased from USPS or not. While that was not clear, I eventually found a tiny link called something like "labels" that finally allowed me to print the label that had successfully been purchased prior to the display freeze (spinning "wait" icon forever).

I will NOT contact your "support team" because in all previous instances they did not provide any useful support. When I supplied lists of bugs, not one of them ever got fixed. My guess is that ShipStation was purchased from a Web development company and that you have no skilled in-house programmers. This would account for your new releases being worse than older releases, for new UI changes being worse, and for bugs not getting fixed. It would also account for your acting like you consider ShipStation a cash cow: because that's exactly what it is. It is providing a profit for some unknown people and will die when the functionality and reputation get bad enough that there are an insufficient number of new customers. That's my opinion, for what it's worth.