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CS-Cart integration documentation states it only supports up to 4.6.x (5 years old). Really?


We've been using Shipstation for several years to integrate with our CS-Cart sites. The documentation here says that the latest version of CS-Cart supported is version 4.6.3 which is over 5 years old. The current version of CS-Cart is 4.16.2 and was released about 5 months ago. We recently updated to the latest CS-Cart version which appears to have broken the integration. I tried the current version of the Shipstation addon (v 1.0.1) that is available for download, but it doesn't appear to work with CS-Cart 4.16.2. Is there any time frame for an update to the CS-Cart Shipstation add on? Is there any fix or alternative add on version that supports the current CS-Cart release? I'd really hate to have to abandon Shipstation, as it's been a really convenient tool. Any input would be very warmly appreciated. Thanks!