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Quickbooks Integration has NEVER worked for me, multiple emails to support have yielded nothing


Good evening - Hoping that a more publish shaming of ShipStation might get someone to actually consider picking up a telephone and calling a customer.. wait, who am I kidding, these SaaS companies like ShipStation think that they are too busy to talk to customers, but I digress. 


I tried to integrate my ShipStation into QuickBooks OVER A YEAR AGO and while it says its connected, it always fails, 100% of the time. No matter what I do. 

I have emailed support@ and they told me they are looking into it, then they go radio silent for months on end and then out of the blue today I got an email saying "our developers released a fix so you should be good". Of course I immediately tried it and found that it is not good. 


I wouldn't be so frustrated except that I have asked no less than 10 times for someone to just give me the damn logs of the session so that I can figure out what is happening between ShipStation and Quickbooks, yet I just get crickets. 


So as a last resort before I have to MANUALLY create 100 orders from last quarter into my quickbooks, I am asking the masses if you have any known secret tricks that are required to get the system to be able to create orders in Quickbooks for you that it has shipped. 


Like - If the product doesn't exist in Quickbooks, will that make it fail or will it auto create a product? 

if the product does exist, but has a qty of 0, will that make it fail or will it allow it to go to -1 ?