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Duplicate Walmart Orders from GeekSeller Integration


We recently made some changes in GeekSeller for inventory management, that caused our order imports into ShipStation to start failing. I inactivated that Selling Channel in ShipStation, and created a new Selling Channel for our Walmart orders. Now, our Walmart orders are being duplicated in ShipStation. One instance shows that it was imported from the GeekSeller/Walmart store, and the other instance shows Manual Orders as the Store.


The Manual Orders channel is not connected to any marketplace, and was set up for being able to manual enter an order ShipStation when there is a long delay in orders being imported.


We have orders that import from multiple e-commerce platforms, but the Walmart orders are the only ones being duplicated.


Can anyone think of why or how this is happening, and how we can prevent the duplicates?


Howdy @BlueRidge


Thank you for taking the time to post in the community! We are so happy to have you! 


From digging into your account, it looks like the only orders that are being duplicated are the Walmart Orders that were already imported manually (Into the Manual Store). With this in mind, my recommendation would be to cross reference the Manual Store orders with the GeekSeller orders, and cancelling the Manual Store version of those orders. What this will do is allow you to still have the order that is sent out be connected to your selling channel for tracking/notification purposes. 


You can do this by using the filters bar to only show the Manual Store and the GeekSeller store, then ordering the grid by order number or Recipient to find the duplicates.


At the same time, I would advise to potentially look into your manual order creating workflow to help prevent this from happening in the future. GeekSeller doesn't know on their end that the orders have been imported into the ShipStation account already, so they are still sent into ShipStation. My recommendation would be to mainly focus on the use of the store connection (as that is all of those selling channels going into GeekSeller like you mentioned) and only importing orders to the Manual Store when they are totally unable to import from GeekSeller. That way, you will have those duplicate orders far fewer and further between! 


I hope this helps! 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!