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Order Summary / Packing Slip Layout Issues eBay?

New Contributor

Over the past week I have noticed a change to my order summary and packing slip layouts. Something has added an extra item (when its not really an item) but its more of a header that can be very tricky when picking orders. I have attached a few examples. I did not change anything in my eBay integration nor change any settings in Ship station to cause this. Typically I use the order summary as a guide for larger orders as I do not do any scan to ship or fancy things like that. Has anyone else noticed this problem? I sent an email with screenshots earlier this week and they have not even acknowledged me. This appears to be eBay related only. Something changed where Ship station now displays the description/specification data from the eBay listing. I have all of the things turned off for eBay. 




How things show up nowHow things show up nowHow things use to show upHow things use to show up


Hey there @karnashop 


Thanks for turning to community for this question! We are so happy to have you with us. 


One of our wonderful users, @BenC, actually made a post about this packing slip behavior that I think you may find helpful! You can check that out here! 


I hope this helps! 



From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!