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Ebay address import errors after recent updates

New Contributor

Recently we received the notification of the new Ebay integration from ship station.  We followed the instructions in the email and updated as requested. 

Since this update we have noticed the some customer address information is not being imported from ebay accurately.  The issue is most common with international or Puerto Rico addresses, however we have had some addresses not import correctly for US based locations. 

We have already had to provide refunds to our customers for items not delivered to the correct address when it was found the shipped to address in ship station was not the same which was within ebay.  I sure hope ShipStation looks at this and quickly resolves it.

We like most things about ship station but your frequent updates with poor quality control of implementation changes are becoming frustrating and now costing us money.  Pretty disappointing that there isn't an easy way either to let someone at ship station know of technical glitches that are clearly on their end, and should have been captured in their quality control processes. 



Hello @Mirrock


Welcome to the Community, we are happy to have you here with us. 


We did recently identify a bug for some users where address line 2 was not importing into ShipStation, however, a fix was pushed out last week to address this. If you are still seeing issues relating to address imports, please contact support to troubleshoot and investigate this further.

When we push out new releases they are tested and put through a QA process before they are wide released. Sometimes bugs are still identified after this period as not all possible configurations can be tested before deployment.

In regards to your feedback about our current deployment methods and frequency, we understand where you are coming from and we hear you. While we cannot guarantee any changes, we have provided this feedback to our leadership and the teams involved in releases.


-Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Manager 

Appreciate the reply.  Please though check as the situation may not be isolated to only address line 2.  Have noticed the issue change some of the text on address line 1 in some packages, but those were ones with longer text in the address 1 field.  Have seen orders going through global shipping have the name field change from the customers name to Pitney Bowes, and then any reference numbers for the global shipping program be removed (though the latter is probably an issue with the address line 2 issue stated above) 

Understand all the work that needs to go into changes and then the items that can slip by any quality control checks, but disappointing to see some still hanging around from the last major layout change that was implemented months ago.  Obvious errors in programming that are continually over looked. 

The suggestion of contacting support sounds great, however the support page buries any way to actually contact for support and is rather just FAQ links.  Seems the discussion board is the easiest way to actually reach anyone.  This isn't the first time I have posted issues on these boards, but for some reason when I sign in it shows me as a first time user.  Guess that is another missed quality issue. 


Just wanted to follow up, Immediately after making my last reply went to ship some packages for the day.  Had an order through the ebay global shipping program and the address was not imported correctly.  Reference number omitted, and name changed from customers to Pitney bowes.  This needs is something that would need updated immediately. 

Thank you for all of the feedback you provided above, I have made sure that it has all been provided to the relevant teams and leadership.  


I know it’s frustrating when you are having trouble accessing support. Something to note is that the widget on our help center that gives you access to the chat and email features is only present if you are logged into the help center. The following video demonstrates the best way to access it.




As far as the address import problems you are seeing are they all happening with eBay global shipping program orders?


If this is the case, I can tell you that orders that are being shipped through eBay's Global Shipping Program will import with the address of the international shipping provider's domestic warehouse- in this case, Pitney Bowes. Once these packages are received by the carrier at this facility, they will be sorted and sent to your customer. 


That being said, the customer name and reference number should still be importing for these orders. I did some research internally about this and can see that this has been escalated to our senior support and product teams. I don’t have an ETA for this fix yet but will keep this thread updated.


-Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Manager

Hi Erin, 


We are having this same issue. The international orders are only coming through as Pitney Bowes. The customers name and reference number are not importing from eBay. We have to manually check eBay to then update the name to the customers name as well as add the reference number. 


Thanks, everyone, for your patience on this. 


On Friday, May 7th, we released an update to the new eBay integration that successfully pulls the reference # for Global Shipping Program (GSP) orders into the Address Line 1 of the order in ShipStation (just as the prior integration did). This will create a label that includes the reference # above the address, as required by eBay and the GSP. 


You may still see the "Pitney Bowes Warehouse" text in the Recipient Name field and the domestic warehouse ship to address. This is now the expected behavior for GSP orders. But this should not impede the shipment being delivered successfully. The reference # is the key piece of information that is needed and will provide the fulfillment instructions used to forward the shipment on successfully from the domestic sorting facility.


Feel free to review the eBay developer documentation relating to how this data is meant to be handled by third parties. Here is a screenshot with the relevant detail highlighted. 




Sarah H.
Austin, Tx

"Pitney Bowes Warehouse" needs to be removed and replace with correct customer name.  It is very difficult to match a 19 digit hexadecimal reference number.  We are human, not robots.  It's common sense.  Much easier for the packer and will limit mistakes.