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I've lasted through many ShipStation "Idea" software changes.


I might have been the first one to report that A-Z sorting of stores in the refresh menu broke. I was told to submit that as an idea.


Insulting. The idea boards are 50% asking ShipStation to add feature creep ("tell me which of my employees are on lunch"). That shouldn't be where we need to report a BUG, which is what this was since A-Z sorting used to work, then one day it wasn't.


I'm different, I don't need ShipStation to add all these things that do not have to do with shipping. Why? Because we download all data from ShipStation and build those solutions ourselves. As long as we do that, we do not need to ask ShipStation for help, leaving their developers to work on other people's ideas. Everyone wins, almost. You'll never see us needing to request much.


But there is something that has been ignored, which hinders our ability to meet our own ideas without your help - the API. Years ago, you made changes. This is an actual comment in our production code:

In a perfect world, we wouldn't need this. ShipStation removed the
ability to filter by modify date, so we have to do a stupid
work-around to fetch in reverse, and stop when we reach our date.

This URL simulates ShipStation's customers endpoint.

We had to build our own proxy endpoint. Your orders endpoint allows filtering by both created/modified date, but your customer endpoint allow neither. Why?

Please, give it back. Let us request customer records within a start and end date. You are wasting your own CPU cycles by having us request EVERYTHING, and then sorting it, so that we can just abort when we reach the date.


Why would you rather hammer the system harder than needed? Someone with a clue already realized the Orders endpoint would benefit from this. And at some point, the Customers endpoint too. But in 2015/2016 it was taken away. Why?