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We have a ton of SKUs (3500 <) and so our Products tab is currently a bit of a mess. Implementing the ability to group products into a "folder" rather than a parent SKU would such a convenient feature that would help clean up the products tab for easier navigation.

The same goes for automation rules. I understand that the click and drag is due to the fact that automation rules are executed in order from top to bottom, but there must be an easier way to organise them. We plan to use rules extensively but the thought of having to click and drag hundreds of rules for different Q2 orders to keep them all organised sounds sounds terrible. 

One option could be having an "execution order" tab separate from just a plain "rules" tab. This would allow the user to move rules around freely, sort them A-Z, mass toggle/untoggle, etc etc. A feature like this would make rules so much easier to implement on a grand-scale for our company. If not that, just being able to group rules in the tab would be at least somewhat more manageable.