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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
We send Shipping Notifications via our own system instead of ShipStation's built in shipping notification emails. We are looking for the ability to link to the branded tracking page. In order to do this we would need the ability to grab the link from ShipStation's API. Is there a way to do this currently? If not, I would like to request this feature. Thanks!
First-timer (legacy)
can we get this feature added soon?
First-timer (legacy)
We are currently in the process of fixing our website, and we would like to update how we allow our customers to track their shipments. I usually send them an email with the tracking information, and it leads them to here, but on our website, I can only send them to this page. I want to be able to direct them to their tracking page (the first link) without them having to enter their order number and zip code. Is there a link I can send to my developers that will allow them to do that on our website? Is it an individual link for every tracking number? Is there I way I can export that out of Shipstation if it is?
First-timer (legacy)
it would be great if you guys had a page that i can link to my website so customers can put in the tracking number and track their orders vs only being able to do this via the link in the email that's sent to them when their order ships out.
First-timer (legacy)
It would be great to offer a link on our website for customers to track their orders directly by entering their order number online -- in addition to the emails they receive with package tracking info.
Status changed to: Under Review
New Contributor

So, there is a way to generate the URL required to load the branded tracking page using the data from the API...


Example link:

  •[YOUR PAGE ID]carrier_code=['SHIPMENTS CARRIER CODE' per API response]&tracking_number=['SHIPMENTS TRACKING NUMBER' per API response]&order_number=['SHIPMENTS ORDER NUMBER' per API response]&postal_code=['SHIPMENTS SHIP TO POST CODE' per API response]&locale=en

You can get your branding ID/page ID from any of the links Shipment and Delivery notifications shipstation sends to your clients when the Branded Tracking Page is enabled under Store Setup.



  • ShipStation has not released an official way to do this, as such, the above is not a perfect system. If you are sending more than one parcel to the same customer (and under the same order) and each parcel has a different tracking number then the above solution will not work and you may need to engage a developer to write a bit of code to generate multiple links. 
New Contributor

I've asked support about this as well and was told that no, there currently is no way to get a link to the branded tracking page. I don't remember the exact wording of why they told me it wasn't a thing, but it was along the lines of the branded link that is sent to the customers in the emails is tracking number specific. Idk how difficult it would be to set up a tracking page that pulls the information from ups (or whatever carrier you're using) when the tracking number is entered into the tracking field, and display it the same way it does when you click the link in the email notification.