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Status: Under Review
It would be great to be able to automate multiple packages per order through the API.
First-timer (legacy)
User Ship 2 is right. We have been on this platform for over 3 years and I wish this was a feature every day I have to manually add the second box to our 2 box single SKU kits. Will this ever be a thing because I am at the point of considering other software? Jamie_Tidrick I'm will you as well let's get this topic fired up we have waited too long for an answer.
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Hey All, Just a heads up, if you are looking for a good API solution that handles multiple packages (and is still run by ShipStation) look at ShipEngine. My company is in the progress of moving everything over to ShipEngine. Be aware though that you cannot use the same email address for ShipEngine as you did for Shipstation!
Exactly .Our warehouse has to manually go through more than 500 orders every day to add the packages for multi quantity orders and also we don't get multiple tracking numbers from ship station also which is requirement for many channels . We have to do so much workarounds just to get labels and update tracking. This is unbelievable that we have been requesting for long time and it has not been implemented yet.
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DPD local charge a fixed price per shipment regardless of the number of parcels in each shipment. At the moment the only way to take advantage of this is to scan an order to print the first label and then switch to the dpd portal, find the order and add an extra label. This is very time consuming. Please please please can you provide the functionality to split shipments based on rules and generate multiple labels in DPD local (or Parcelforce). Thanks
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Shipstation API does not actually support multi-package shipments, so it will return that data for the overall shipment itself, and each packages weight will be totalled together and shown in that response but the dimensions won’t show up unless it is a single package shipment.  Now every partner using EDI integration now so really need Shipstation can make API support multiple-package shipment.
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We use a software that estimates the boxes and weights required for an order. It would be wonderful if the calculated shipment info could be brought into Shipstation. The software we use is Bespoke Shipping. Here is a link to their API docs.

It would be wonderful if we can create the shipping label for multiple packages of an order vi API.

Status changed to: Under Review
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Hello to All

Any updates with the API to create shipment with multiple packages ?

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Agreed. Supporting multi-package shipments via API is a much-needed feature. Our EDI merchant and EDI integrator support multi-package shipments, but today only receive one master tracking number for the shipment via ShipStation API.