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Status: Under Review
I want to delay shipment notification to my customers until their package hits the USPS mail stream. The documentation at says that if I use a supported carrier, "you'll be able to set up Delayed Shipment Notifications based on when the shipment first hits the mailstream". Customer support, however, says that this doesn't work unless marketplace notification is also happening. I don't see why one has anything to do with the other - my carrier is USPS/ and SS is talking to it. My marketplace is Paypal and I don't really care if it's updated or not.
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This would be ideal as we wait until the last minute to print labels so we don't get a bunch of customer service emails regarding tracking information being unavailable.
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Yes, I understand that adding text to the email is a workaround, but I'd prefer to have it work than to implement a workaround. It's a nicer experience for my customers, since they can click on a working tracking link as soon as they receive it. I don't see why it's tied to the marketplace. SS can get the information it needs from the carrier without involving the marketplace at all. In fact, that's what your own help page says - something to the effect that "if you use a supported carrier, SS will poll it periodically, and you can delay emails until they hit the mail stream".
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I would like to see something similar to this. Customer email goes out first, marketplace notification goes out later. Splitting them off and giving those two things individual options (since they should operate independent of each other) would solve both problems. This is crucial for eBay orders on which you're rated by your shipping times. If we ship on a weekend and auto-post tracking on eBay immediately, we can potentially get dinged for not physically shipping the item fast enough. We also don't want the customer to feel ignored, so email first and marketplace push later would be amazing.
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Here's what we're after: 1. When a tracking number is generated (and shipping label is printed) we would like to update the Marketplace (Brightpearl -CRM) with the tracking number and consider the order "shipped" to our Marketplace. 2. We would like to use the ShipStation Notifications to affect the above step when it happens, yet ALSO, choose to NOT email the customer according to this Notification setting:: "This shipment first hits the mail stream". So, in this area: "ShipStation can send email and marketplace notifications at points you can specify below. Send email and marketplace notification when... [ ] Shipping label is created [X] The first of these conditions is met: [X] The shipment first hits the mail stream IHOWEVER, here is what we would like; Notify Marketplace when the Shipping labels is created and SEPARATELY email when one of the conditions is met? (for us, the shipment hits the mail stream) If this is not possible, please pass it up stream, as we have to fight the lesser of two evils from our business flow. Other savvy companies might really benefit from this option too. Our situation is easy: We want our Marketplace (internal CRM system and our staff) to know that the package is boxed and labeled, BUT, FedEx leaves full-size trailers in our warehouse parking lot and picks the trailers up later in the evening, so when a customer gets and email at 10am with a FedEx tracking number, it might not show in FedEx system until 8pm that night. Ideally, there would be separate options as presented in this suggestion, like this: "ShipStation can send email Notifications at points you can specify below. Send email notification when... [ ] Shipping label is created [X] The first of these conditions is met: [X] The shipment first hits the mail stream AND: "ShipStation can send Marketplace Notifications at points you can specify below. Notify Mareplace when... [X] Shipping label is created [ ] The first of these conditions is met: [ ] The shipment first hits the mail stream -Providing independent control over the two separate types of notifications (per Selling channel of course). The obvious benefit to the customer is that they don't get an "empty/useless" tracking/shipment email that might not work for many many hours. Makes us look bad and solicits emails and contact from customers asking if their package is really shipping or not... Thank you! David
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Please allow us to extend marketplace data immediately rather than tying it to shipment notifications sent to customers. We ship using many different services in many different countries where the transit delay before packages are injected varies - needing a 20-hour+ delay for USPS(we ship from Canada) packages, we postpone emails to customers until their package is almost injected and *visibly* on its way. Now, with this 20+ hour delay, unless our agents have access to ShipStation(which they don't need to have), they don't know with certainty if an order has actually shipped or not until the customer receives the notification. Were they to have the confirmation, tracking number, etc... sent to the marketplace, they could provide a more informed answer to our customers. I can't imagine that sending emails x amount of hours after you would send marketplace data is any kind of difficult to implement.
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Hey @Viktor, I have merged your idea into the existing idea for this idea. Your votes have also been added to the other votes.
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It looks like this is under review but I'd like to add my comment. I too think marketplace notification (in my case Shopify) should be split off from customer shipping notification. I want a delay included for the customer shipping notification but currently that leaves order status in Shopify "unfulfilled" when actually the order has been fulfilled and shipping label created.
I'm in the same boat. Splitting the two into separate instances is great for staff and customers. I'm running into the same issue. Customers don't read, they click, thinking their order is already on a truck or a plane. Staff needs to know that Shipstation updated our e-commerce backend immediately after an order is labeled as shipped, so they can keep track of orders they packed. I can't really use the delay feature because it screws up our internal workflow, and it doesn't serve the customer because they are disappointed that no tracking is available yet. It really needs this split to be effective. Otherwise, it's not serving its true potential, much less its initial function.
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Allow for marketplace and email notifications to be updated separately. 1. Marketplace could update once the label is created. 2. Customer notification/email is sent once the package hits the mail steam. They are currently tied together. We ship Tues-Wed but start printing labels and prepping on Monday. Customers are notified on Monday and start asking questions when the create label option is used. We tried the mail steam option and now the orders just stay processing in the marketplace and this causes confusion in the workflow. It seems like this could be an easy fix and would be great to have.
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Market place notification and shipment notification should not be connected. if the Market place notification fails the shipment notification does not get sent. The default should be to always send the shipment notification no matter what.