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Status: Completed
I have been using shipstation for 6+ years now. I have submitted ideas, i have voted for ideas, I have requested changes for packing slips, pick lists, email templates, additional custom fields, Import fields, export fields, shipping costs, bulk items, inventory changes, adding custom carriers, freight carriers, better options for more than 1 package orders, Sending notifications for marked as shipped, Combine Fulfillment reports with shipping reports and manifests so you can see everything that shipped out and not just what went out via parcel, etc.. Over the past 6 years the only change i have seen is the help search has gotten worse. Every time I have a chat with support they are extremely nice and then they give me the link to submit my ideas. The industry is growing and changing at a rapid pace and ShipStation is starting to fall behind. If you are making the changes we are requesting then Prove it to us. Where is the list? How about you allow us to vote on the changes that you have made and find out how effective those have been. Otherwise this idea tool is just a way to placate us all.