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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
Currently during an exchange, we reship the original order and then have to change the packing slip by hand writing the changes. While we could create manual orders for each of these, right now customer information does not automatically fill in all of the time when creating an order. When this happens we can go to the customers tab and then search for the customer and then create an order from there, but this seems like an extra step. It would be convenience to have a "duplicate order" button that would create a new order to the same recipient directly from the orders or shipments tab.
First-timer (legacy)
We need this as well. With the ability to make changes (add or subtract items).
First-timer (legacy)
I would Agree with Thomas, Either from the Orders tab, Or from the customers tab. If we could simply find the customer in the customer tab and select the order and click duplicate, this would save so much time with the RMA process
Occasional Contributor
This would be very helpful. Currently I add the original order to the Loading Dock and then when ready ship, add all other shippable orders to the Loading Dock (I otherwise do not use Loading Dock), then Ship all from the dock. Since I often need to edit the order details, this is insufficient so I am reduced to using the Add a note to the customer feature. Also, if I lose my session, the Loading Dock is lost.
First-timer (legacy)
Yes - this would be very much appreciated
First-timer (legacy)
I NEED THIS. It would be really useful in my record keeping system. It would be great if we could select an order and hit a button that re-creates it and is recorded as a different kind of order in the order reports (for clear accounting purposes).
First-timer (legacy)
yes please! need this, they always end up asking, "did you ship the exchange size I wanted "
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Giving 3 votes to this
First-timer (legacy)
my company needs, just duplicating on shipstation itself. doesn't need to go to marketplace or anything of that sort. 3 votes given!
First-timer (legacy)
Us too!!
First-timer (legacy)
Much needed feature! Good to have the capability to link the exchange to the orig order without confusing the fact that the orig order is not inadvertently shipping twice. Doing this independent of the marketplace is important.