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We ship live plants, which are temperature sensitive. Depending on the weather at the destination location, we use special insulated packing materials and heat packs. Currently, we have to search for the weather at the destination location in order to make a judgement about the best way to ship. This takes a lot of time and effort. It would be really amazing if there were the ability to pull weather information into shipstation. A simple high and low at the destination location would be perfect! Thanks for considering, Jesse
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As we just pulled up all of our orders destinations I thought I'd search for this integration. Seems like it'd be a pretty easy win to tie in. We're chocolate so destination weather really matters to us.
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We ship wine and are also experiencing a similar problem. We need to know weather of shipping destination to be able to safely ship wine and our old fulfillment program had this option. I would very much like to see this integration for Ship Station.
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We have the same issue and we ship medication. Would be great to know if we need to change shipping methods due to weather. 


In the chocolate business, we are always cross referencing weather with where we are shipping. Those south Texas and Florida locations really cause us an itchy moment. We'd love to see something more integrated as this would be an easy win for sure.