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Status: Completed
We ship mostly with USPS first class and use light poly envelopes to ship items out which weigh .5oz-2oz. ShipStation allows you to have products to the tenth decimal, but when we use the automation features to add the dunnage factor of a .3oz envelope, we can only do whole numbers. This actually does make a difference in high volume/low profit businesses where a bump in first class price can make all the difference.
Occasional Contributor

@Moderator-Davis Is there any update on this? This is pretty frustrating when it was fixed in the older version and broke in the new version.

I pretty much have to manually adjust all the weights when they are close to USPS's weight price increase points (4oz, 8oz, 12oz, etc). Having a 7.2oz package import as 8.2oz makes the shipping price jump and I have to be constantly searching for these.

For smaller businesses like us controlling shipping costs is very important.

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Any update on adding decimal numbers for package weight AUTOMATION RULES?