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Status: Investigating
We keep track of our product inventory elsewhere, but use ShipStation to ship our products and therefore would like ShipStation to keep inventory of the boxes we use to ship products. We use the preset packages and think it's only natural to know how many we have used and how many we have left so we dont over-order boxes or know which box sizes we use more so we can place orders for them!
First-timer (legacy)
This would be great! Has this been implemented yet?
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I'm finding that a feature in ShipStation to track inventory of packaging would be SO useful! I've run into issues where we found we were out of that one little item/box/insert/sticker and then had to scramble to replace that thing ASAP. ShipStation already knows how many orders are going out and what type of order. It's also already tracking my custom package sizes -- it would be fairly simple and straightforward to add a per-product template which outlines which packaging materials are used. Then, via Insights, I could easily see where I'm running low and/or an alert could fire. This would greatly increase our happiness with ShipStation!
We also need this feature very badly to help streamline our warehouse's supplies ordering.
We just took inventory on all of our shipping boxes, and we'd like to start having ShipStation track the inventory for each box. The dev team should create that functionality. Ie. we have 150 of our 7x5x5 boxes, so if we ship that box it goes to 149.. 148...147 etc Maybe it can be an automation... everytime it sees that dimension in a package, it goes down a number in inventory. Or every time it sees a certain quantity of a certain product, it knows what box will be used, and will go down a number in box inventory. Not having this functionality is a problem because there is no easy software that warns us if we are low on boxes or other shipping supplies. It would really improve workflow.
I am surprised that after all this time, nothing has been done to track supplies/package boxes etc. I find that at shipping would be the best time to track these things. Any update from Shipstation on this?
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I was just about to make my own post for this, it's something we really need. We end up mostly playing it by ear when it comes to packing supply inventory, and it's unreliable for estimating the supply we have on hand: if we could at least automate the box inventory tracking, it would save us a lot of trouble.


It would be nice if we could also track packing supplies such as bubble wrap, possible as an attribute on the product itself to be set along with weight and default box size.

Status changed to: Investigating

+1 We are considering moving over to Shipstation and tracking our shipping boxes has already been flagged.

Helping kick this 4 year old can down the road. Inventory tracking for products is easily taken care of on the storefront side of our operations through shopify. I am surprised that shipstation, being the key tool for shipping parcels, has no functionality for keeping tracking of shipping material inventory. This would not only save countless hours of recounting packing materials to see what needs to be ordered but would help keep things moving smoothly by warning us ahead of time when things are getting low (just like how product inventory tracking operates currently).

Please help. It is the most needed feature for our current operations as we run 10+ store fronts with all different types of merchandise and package material sizes.


Bumping this as this is a much needed feature! We ship thousands of orders a day and have the same problem as OP!