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Occasional Contributor
Status: New

Having the ability to define a product's actual cost would be great for users whose storefront platforms don't have this feature. Being able to define its sell price would aid in creating manual orders since the product's price would already be tied to it and populated during order creation with no need to look it up.


Having all this info in one place would also help consolidate reporting and make the insights tab extremely powerful for examining margins at a glance.

Occasional Contributor

I agree. I want to be able to mark what I actually paid for the item and see my Net gains or losses from it.
I also want it to include the eBay fees I paid as well as subtract how much I paid for shipping.
I want to see my net and a breakdown of all this math.


I see that this has been sitting open for a year now 😞

The ability to define the cost of an item, add in fees from the sales platform (ebay, etsy, etc), then see the gains would be awesome! I'm not able to use shipstation inventory due to this. I often sale items on behalf of others so I need to be able to print reports that show these pieces of data. Hopefully this is more than a place for this idea to die.