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Having the ability to select LTL freight carrier such AAA Cooper, Averitt Express, YRC, Old Dominion to the shipping options... and incorporating a link to these carrier's websites on the email notification the customer gets when the orders are marked as shipped. Currently we have to select "other" as the shipping carrier and creates extra customer service cases when customer can't track their shipments. Customer are used the ease of just clicking a link to track their shipments, instead of having to go to the carrier's website.
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Our eBay performance metrics have suffered because we have been unable to note within ShipStation that an order shipped with a carrier other than those listed in the dropdown. ebay must receive the specific name of the carrier. ebay doesn't recognize "other".
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It would be great to also have the choice of Company Delivery or Customer Pickup. Those are choices on our Marketplace, but there's no way to bring the choice over into the ShipStation interface. Also, bringing it in would greatly reduce the chances of our shipping clerk accidentally sending a package out when it was supposed to be on our truck. We will almost certainly lose money because this is not an option as it is in other shipping software.
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Are there any updates on adding the Pickup and LTL carriers in the list?
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This is the same thing I was going to suggest!  We have customers that set up their own shipping so we don't have an account through the company.  We currently have all of our Freight shipments grouped under "other" because of this.  It makes it supper hard to track freight!

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Currently trying to see if this is still an issue with ShipStation. Literally created my account today, and shipstation would be pretty much useless to us if we cant ensure the correct tracking page is linked to for the carriers we use. 

This thread goes back to 2018, has any progress been made on swapping the "Other" field to something better? Is there any integrations adding the option for setting up the missing LTL carriers? 

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ShipStation definitely needs more support for other LTL carriers. The rates for their built-in partnership with SEKO are crazy expensive.