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I have a query and if the IT development team can resolve it ASAP i will be more than happy because i am sure that this feature will be helpful to every seller.

These notes are very important as they contain instructions from sellers to the fulfillment team and I am surprised that no one has raised that query before or maybe someone did. Currently in SS a USER can see a Buyer Notes but can't see Seller Notes which can be written in Seller Hub/Orders and can be see in screenshot BF column 

As I can see SS is showing all needed information list ( column top right ) including buyers notes from eBay which is required to run these operations except the one I mentioned above "Item Notes", or it may be available but inactive and SS users can not see at the moment.

One of my friend using another service provider like shipstation and he is getting item note(seller note) and in shipstation, we can't see.

please show " Item Note" column info to users so that user can be benefited and can reduce the risk of errors on certain orders where sellers are sending some instructions to fulfilment/warehouse

2. Screenshot showing Item Note Area column '' BF ''
3. Screenshot of eBay Seller Hub where a seller write Item Notes
item note ss ref.pngebay seller hub where item note can be added.png



Hey there @Maashiq


I can absolutely see why you and other sellers would want this available! I will move this over to our ideas section so that it can be voted on! 🙂 

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We will be very thankful to you and developing team if you guys can do it ASAP