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Status: Under Review
Here's our use case: We sell multi-day Juice cleanses, which have a complicated delivery process. We deliver fresh pressed juices every two days of a cleanse, such that in order to process this for fulfillment, we split our orders---one for each 2-day delivery---and modify the Line Item Titles indicating which days of the cleanse are to be delivered. We started this process in a manual store and then were surprised the same ability to modify an order's line items is not available in orders from Online Marketplaces.
First-timer (legacy)
I integrate with squarespace, and they don't allow any editing of orders either, so I'm stuck leaving messages in the notes section which often get missed/ignored, causing me to ship out the wrong items. Even if I do see it, their packing slips are incorrect, and lead to confusion about whether or not they were charged for the missing/incorrect items. Luckily the customs forms are editable, but them being mismatched with the packing slip can cause trouble when going through customs inspection. Explaining to my customers that my shipping software doesn't allow modifications is a bit of a pain. Being a developer myself, and knowing that manual orders allow editing of the items, this seems like it'd be an easy feature to add - the way the addresses are handled (ignoring future updates from the marketplace, etc) seems like it would be appropriate here as well. Customers will often change their mind on a certain item, or upgrade their items before I'm able to ship them (I have 3 week ship times), and being able to adjust the items in the order manually (even though they are imported with squarespace) is important to keeping my customers happy.
I'm with James and Jack -- we would find this functionality to be very helpful as well, as customers often change (or add to) their order by phone long after the original order is created. Obviously this can be done with a manual order (that is then combined), but that is clunky compared to just adding a line item or just editing it right in shipstation. I realize this could create problems for users that don't have any use for this functionality, but you could just unlock the functionality in the store settings.
New Contributor
I would like to start by referencing this support topic How to edit an order. There the issue is discussed: we would like to edit an order that came in from a marketplace. It was explained that this isn't allowed because it would de-sync the marketplace and shipstation. However it was also mentioned that there are marketplaces that don't allow edits from their end, and a hacky workaround suggested. In my case I need to change from one SKU to another, and my marketplace (Squarespace) doesn't allow to edit orders from their end. So I am out of options. So I ask that you please let us edit the order in Shipstation. I would be more than happy to click "I understand" on some pop-up that says "Warning: editing this order will make it no longer possible to track changes from the Marketplace". In my case it's fine because the marketplace doesn't allow changes anyway.
First-timer (legacy)
Would like the ability to edit order details in all stores not just manual stores. If a customer calls to alter their order we have to cancel original order and create a new order.
First-timer (legacy)
Currently there is only the option to add/edit individual items within a shipstation order if it is a manual order. This option should be extended to all orders, for example orders imported from a marketplace like shopify.
First-timer (legacy)
PLEASE ADD ORDER EDITING! It's frustrating when a customer decides to switch color or size and we can't print ticket with correct color/size.
From what I read, even marketplaces that DO allow editing of orders do not get their line items properly updated in ShipStation. This is ridiculous, as there are many cases where an order might change after being imported, by the customer or by staff, and not being able to have ShipStation reflect this change is very bad indeed.
First-timer (legacy)
This is so frustrating that Ship Station does not allow us to edit orders from a marketplace. So many times a customer calls to change their order and if we could edit in ship station it would make it so much easier. We have to refund the customer and have them place a whole new order due to this.
Status changed to: Under Review