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We have a time-sucking issue we'd love to see a fix for. Basically, the Floor Manager creates a wholesale and retail batch each day (so, 2 batches), based on what orders he wants filled that day. The Production Team uses one login to view those batches, and the Shipping Team uses a different login to view those batches so that they can customize their view for their needs. Other users, like our Customer Support Manager also need to see the batches. However, because the Manager is creating the batches, they seem to be the only one who can see the batches in their Open Batches tab, unless the batches are assigned specifically to someone else. We know we can go to "Shipments" and then "Batches" and then "Open Batches" to find the batch we are looking for. But we need to be able to access those batches quickly and easily from each login multiple times a day. 

We need some way to make the batches viewable to eveeryone from the Open Batches tab at the bottom of the Orders tab. 

Please? An "all users" option for assigning and being able to see a batch in the bottom left of the Orders tab?

New Contributor

I would like to see this batches created for all users to see at once too.


same... wth.