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I am new to Ship Station but not to Ecommerce shipping. The primary reason I came to Ship Station was for rate shopping. You have the SCAN screen with Verify & Print which is how we work our warehouse. We want to scan a packing slip and then scan the items into the box and once complete finish by finding the best rate and print label. The SCAN screen is MISSING the rate calculator?!? From our standpoint, this is like building a nice boat and leaving it tied to the dock. We cannot use the SCAN screen then because we need rate shopping. This seems very obvious and for such a good product as Ship Station it is a serious omission. 

Please add the rate calculator to the SCAN screen to make it fully functional. Thanks.



Yeah Shipstation lacks this.

I use the Shipping Plus app ( for ShipStation to automatically have the cheapest service / package type selected. So this way the packers just have to print the label and can trust it’s already optimized. 

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Yes, this is needed.

I just switched to Shipstation as well, and Scan to Verify was a big selling point. However, I have too many accounts to verify rates against, and it takes too much time without the rate calculator. Shipping Plus is nice also but rates can change after you add the box size.


@TaraGuidry String ( automatically finds the right size box size for each order and then rate shops. So you can have that whole process automated.