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Status: Under Review
To get accurate rates we've been adding the weights of packaging to the weights of each of our SKUs. But when multiple SKUs are ordered at once, the weight ends up being higher and we could potentially be over-charged. If we could input weights for our packages we've created under "Your Packaging" we could input the actual weight of each SKU and could end up with more accurate order weights and shipping rates.
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Hey guys! Maybe you can add the package by weight on the shipping packages settings coz it's only the dimensions of the package are available. hopefully, soon you can add those settings, thank you! 🙂
First-timer (legacy)
A feature to be able to add a weight value to each different package is a must. I don't know how a shipping platform can't have a feature that automatically allocates a weight for a box when a particular package is selected. All current work arounds are not feasible when doing 1000's of orders daily.
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Hopefully this bumps this to the top of the list. I think everyone can benefit from this if it was implemented. There's no point in ShipStation having the ability to calculate the total item weight for an order if you can't also add your package weight. I've even tried adding a blanket 10oz weight to every order using an order automation rule and that still didn't even work. Just got off the phone with their support and they didn't have an answer as to why it didn't work.... If they can allow the option to set custom packaging with dimensions, I don't see why connecting the custom package weight to be added automatically would be a problem. Please implement this soon because this is one of the only features that is keeping me from scaling!
Status changed to: Under Review
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hi - can you provide an update to this? we're getting packages returned from USPS because they are under the right weight

Hey there @micradot


Thanks for joining us here in the community! 


I don't have any updates for this adjustment at this time, but I will absolutely keep my eyes open for this sort of update. As soon as I have any news in this area, I will update this thread accordingly! 🙂 


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@Moderator-Davis appreciate the comment but I need a workaround for this. These seems like a basic function no? How do others manage? Let's be clear, a bigger box weighs that will impact the overall weight. Did I do something wrong?



Good morning @micradot


I do have a potential work around until this type of functionality can be added to the Custom Packaging feature! An option you could look into is running an automation rule! You can learn more about Automation Criteria and Action options here. This could be done with the criteria around the custom packaging and the action being "adjust the order weight". I know this may not be the ideal solution, but I wanted to provide a possible workaround for the meantime.


I hope this can help! 

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My workaround for this is when setting up shipping, I have my price by weight rules set up around a dollar less than the average estimated shipping for each weight range, then I have the very last rule set to add $2. This accounts for package weight as well as free gifts that we put in every order that also aren't calculated for shipping weight. I've been doing it this way for about 6 months now, and I've found it balances out the inability to account for rural addresses that cost higher shipping.

The average shipping we pay for each shipment is $6.81 (UPS Ground SurePost), with the occasional order that goes over a pound, and we pay around $8-$9, and the occasional but fairly rare rural address where we have paid as much as $13. Most of our shipments are under 2lbs, with probably 45% of them being 1lb or less. So my shipping cost calculation rules are as follows:

Rules calculation is set to [sum] and I am using the free version of Flexible Shipping for WooCommerce

1. When weight is from 0 - .999lbs rule cost is $5

2. When weight is from 1 - 2.999lbs rule cost is $8

3. When weight is from 3 - 5.999lbs rule cost is $11

4. When weight is from 6 - 15lbs rule cost is $25

5. When [Always] rule cost is $2

*note that rules 3 and 4 are a larger range because we have never even had a package reach 3lbs. The items we sell are unique and most weigh fractions of a pound. Probably 85% of our shipping weight is freebies and packaging. If someone reaches 3 lbs or more on an order, then they have spent like $500+ and would be getting free shipping anyways, so those rules are set up more as a "just in case."


MOST customers end up paying $7 total for shipping, with the occasional customer paying $10. So far it has balanced out that the overpayments account for the extra WE end up paying for those rural shipments, and our shipment cost to income ratio is pretty spot on, and the VERY minimal "profit" from that accounts for "handling cost" so we don't end up paying income taxes on shipping payments received. (Keep in mind we are NOT a high volume store yet, we average less than 25 orders per week currently. What we sell are higher priced, unique items though).

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Any updates shipstation?