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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
To get accurate rates we've been adding the weights of packaging to the weights of each of our SKUs. But when multiple SKUs are ordered at once, the weight ends up being higher and we could potentially be over-charged. If we could input weights for our packages we've created under "Your Packaging" we could input the actual weight of each SKU and could end up with more accurate order weights and shipping rates.
First-timer (legacy)
Add a package weight option where you can make custom dimensions for the LxWxH. The fact that this isn't available is going to cost my company thousands of dollars or hundreds of hours of man power to manually edit every since orders weight. This is an issue with my new shipping service whose weight sensitivity is much higher and makes the cost much different especially with high volume of low weight products.
First-timer (legacy)
Why is this not being added? We all need this badly. There are MANY VOTES. We need to add weight when a package is selected - NOT when an order is imported. (there are way too many combinations and scenarios, any automation rules would be conflicting and way too confusing) We also need to be able to use percentages of ounces when setting the weight of an item. 0.50 ounces, 2.5 ounces, etc. with multiple items, we are being overcharged for shipping.
First-timer (legacy)
Also, need this functionality.
First-timer (legacy)
Having the option to enter packaging weight separate from SKU/Item weight should be a vital function available for shipping packages. We are seeing the same problem that others have mentioned. We can add padded weight to a SKU to account for packaging, but once you start shipping multiples (tens, hundreds, etc), this will eventually skew the weight inaccurately and cause overcharges. It would be very helpful if ShipStation could prioritize this feature over aesthetics (fonts, colors, etc) of the program. Thank You
First-timer (legacy)
This simple feature should be added when entering dimensions for set packaging. When a specific package is chosen, the weight entered along with the box dimensions should be added to the order, specifically the product(s) combined weights . This would save considerable time. Shipstation is supposed to save us time, not make our fulfillment process take longer. By not having this feature, Shipstation is slowing down our order fulfillment process and adding costs to our bottom line.
First-timer (legacy)
Under review since Sept 11, 2015 is not encouraging 😞
First-timer (legacy)
We have 3500 skus from 1 ounce to 50 pounds. We cannot simply add a little to each part to assist in calculating the weight of shipping box and material. ShipStation needs the functionality for users to create an inventory list of packages which would include dimensions and weight. This could simply be done by adding a few fields to the Edit Package window. Then when package is selected, that weight is added to the order product weight to get the total order weight. This feature has been requested since 2015. What is taking so long? This is simple and necessary. In additonal, ShipStation should really take this one step further and use the product weight and dimensions information, and then calculate the best box for shipping the order based on the Package Inventory List. This is simple math. Get this done!!!!
First-timer (legacy)
How is it possible that this has not been added to the shipping process? It's such an easy addition and a completely necessary one. Please add weight to the dimension fields for custom packaging. This is such a minor addition you shouldn't need much push behind it to get this thing rolling.
First-timer (legacy)
Glad I found this thread - this is certainly a concern for me, especially as I was looking to switch from ShippingEasy which already has this functionality. ShipStation - when will this be available?
First-timer (legacy)
Thanks for checking in on this one. We’re still interested in this idea and we don’t have a timeline on it. It isn’t on our immediate roadmap but it’s one we’d like to keep open.