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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
To get accurate rates we've been adding the weights of packaging to the weights of each of our SKUs. But when multiple SKUs are ordered at once, the weight ends up being higher and we could potentially be over-charged. If we could input weights for our packages we've created under "Your Packaging" we could input the actual weight of each SKU and could end up with more accurate order weights and shipping rates.
We're trying to switch to you guys, but the lack of this simple feature is cause for concern. Please add this in!
First-timer (legacy)
I agree with all the others on this thread that this feature is simple and necessary, and there's no excuse for it not being a core SS function. Even Shopify, for as little as they do to help shipping be handled well, allow you to set the weight of shipping boxes. It's time to get this done.
New Contributor
why is this not a feature yet????
First-timer (legacy)
First-timer (legacy)
We have 350 skus from 1 ounce to 25 pounds. We cannot simply add a little to each part to assist in calculating the weight of shipping box and material. ShipStation needs the functionality for users to create an inventory list of packages which would include dimensions and weight. This could simply be done by adding a few fields to the Edit Package window. Then when package is selected, that weight is added to the order product weight to get the total order weight. This feature has been requested since 2015. What is taking so long? This is simple and necessary. In additonal, ShipStation should really take this one step further and use the product weight and dimensions information, and then calculate the best box for shipping the order based on the Package Inventory List. This is simple math. Get this done!!!!
Any update on this? We would really like to stop overspending on postage due to this missing feature!
First-timer (legacy)
Hi ShipStation- I think under review dated 2015 means that you reviewed it decided against it. Seriously, this is a big issue. ShippingEasy has this for anybody that needs a solution since ShipStation isn't listening.
New Contributor
We're still interested in it too!
I support having this feature added as well. Coming from shippingeasy, this functionality was already present and helpful.
First-timer (legacy)
Id like to add my name to this also. Im surprised its not a feature already. The weight of the packaging adds to the cost of the shipment so it has to be factored in. At the moment I haver to manually edit the weight. This could be done better by allowing us to enter a custom packaging weight.