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Status: Under Review
To get accurate rates we've been adding the weights of packaging to the weights of each of our SKUs. But when multiple SKUs are ordered at once, the weight ends up being higher and we could potentially be over-charged. If we could input weights for our packages we've created under "Your Packaging" we could input the actual weight of each SKU and could end up with more accurate order weights and shipping rates.
First-timer (legacy)
Please add this function!
First-timer (legacy)
I'm honestly baffled that this isn't an option. We sometimes ship hundred of packages in a day, and manually updating all the weights to account for packages is time consuming and should have an easy solution.
This is a HUGE wishlist item for us! We got close by sending a box code as a custom field with every order and then have corresponding automation rules to add the weight of that box. The 'set weight' action is limited to whole ounces (allowing decimal values is another open request elsewhere) so we have been adding package weight to the first line item (@janderson, add weight divided by qty to get correct amount) but this still leaves two problems: changing the type of box we actually ship in doesn't adjust the weight then AND the SS feature to combine orders to same recipient would end up with weight of two boxes. It really seems to solve a lot of issues if every order had a separate and editable property for Container Weight, separate from the weight of the contents (line items) that would be added to the weight of the line items and could be changed if necessary (like when orders are combined). A name or label for the Container would be nice too but weight is the main objective. I understand that a lot of users just weigh every package after its been packed but we don't. We ship over 200,000 packages a year with items of known weight in boxes of known weight and it would be nice to be able to correctly communicate an order's weight to SS and be able to edit it if necessary. Here's hoping...
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Is this a thing yet?
First-timer (legacy)
First-timer (legacy)
So, 4 years later and this still is an issue. Really?
First-timer (legacy)
please allow this!
First-timer (legacy)
Or, if you could adjust the weight up by the weight of the packaging, based on a weight criteria associated with each packaging choice. When I try to 'adjust weight' I would want it to add 1.5lbs, for instance' to the calculated content weight. Instead it just makes the whole package weigh 1.5 lbs, which is the same this as the 'set total weight to'. Why are they two choices if they do the same thing? thanks!
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How is this not a feature? How is this not a feature 4 years after it was requested?
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I 100% agree with Scot on this: Scot Fogelberg Ion, Inc. commented · April 13, 2018 21:58 We have 3500 skus from 1 ounce to 50 pounds. We cannot simply add a little to each part to assist in calculating the weight of shipping box and material. ShipStation needs the functionality for users to create an inventory list of packages which would include dimensions and weight. This could simply be done by adding a few fields to the Edit Package window. Then when package is selected, that weight is added to the order product weight to get the total order weight. This feature has been requested since 2015. What is taking so long? This is simple and necessary. In additonal, ShipStation should really take this one step further and use the product weight and dimensions information, and then calculate the best box for shipping the order based on the Package Inventory List. This is simple math. Get this done!!!